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Arathi Basin RBG Services


We will assign one or two PRO players to your order to provide leveling services for your character up to 16 hours per day.

We'll find players who understand your class and its features to ensure the most efficient leveling.

It takes from 1 to 2 hours to find suitable players who match your schedule.

The service will be started within 2 to 10 hours after the purchase.

Read "Useful Information" section below to check the estimated completion time.

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Arathi Basin
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Arathi Basin
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Arathi Basin
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Discover top experience with WoW Classic PvP Boost

WoW Classic is already here! Have you had your batch of those nostalgic vibes? Or you’ve rushed straight into it as a new player, ready to conquer new heights? For what it’s worth, we’re sure you are enjoying Classic as much as we are, beating those raids and leveling up your professions. While WoW is bursting at the seams with some high-quality PvE content, it’s really hard to imagine it without solid PvP experience, ‘cause MMORPGs are mainly about hanging out with friends and meeting new ones. However, some activities are pretty tough to handle and it can hugely ruin all fun. To not let that happen, use our WoW Classic PvP boost. Maximum results for minimal prices, that’s a win-win! Defeat your opponents with the help of the most qualified WoW pros and reap the most generous rewards to become stronger and more effective for your next battle. Do you wanna show the others how the real victor looks like? Our WoW Classic Arathi Basin boost is gonna help you do that.

Get the most out of WoW Classic Arathi Basin RBG

What is this PvP activity all about anyway? Arathi Basin is an RBG centered around a so-called resource-hunting. This is a sort of a race where two opposing teams claim resources by controlling some key locations and therefore, accumulating resource points. The more locations, or nodes, you capture, the better it is. The first team to gain a certain amount of resources is declared the winner. It’s worth noting that some achievements are also obtainable along the way: for example, landing five WoW Classic honorable kills on each of your enemy’s bases during one game will award you the title of Arathi Basin Assassin. The main objective might sound pretty straightforward but in fact, it’s not. Competing in this RBG requires a well-thought-out strategy and high-level coordination between all team members. Yep, tactics are not a piece of cake, but with our Arathi Basin RBG boost, you will succeed no matter how strong your opponents are. Leave your PvP progress to the experts and enjoy the forthcoming rewards. Our pros will win several Vanilla Arathi RBG matches by capturing the nodes and gathering the necessary number of resources. By doing so, they will gain lots of Honor points and farm WoW Classic Arathi Basin reputation.

WoW Classic Arathi Carry and many others on Legionfarm

If you want our pros to handle WoW Classic Arathi Basin quests and compete in this RBG for you, you’ll need to make few simple steps. Step 1 is placing the order on our website. It takes only a couple of minutes, the interface is very user-friendly, but in case you, for some reason, face some problems, don’t hesitate to ask our support team for help. Step 2 is completing your payment, and the third and the final step is waiting for our manager to get in touch, give you all the details and clarify everything that might raise questions. You will also be told the estimated time of your order’s completion, and after that, the boosting process will start. No actions are required from your side, our pros will do all the job themselves. offers you a wonderful possibility to play your favorite game with comfort and achieve more spending less time on it. See for yourself, make an order right now, and let the best WoW experts take care of your performance.

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