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Alterac Valley RBG Services


We will assign one or two PRO players to your order to provide leveling services for your character up to 16 hours per day.

We'll find players who understand your class and its features to ensure the most efficient leveling.

It takes from 1 to 2 hours to find suitable players who match your schedule.

The service will be started within 2 to 10 hours after the purchase.

Read "Useful Information" section below to check the estimated completion time.

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Alterac Valley
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Alterac Valley
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Alterac Valley
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Alterac Valley
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Learn about honor system and WoW Classic PvP Boost

A big dynamic for the game is PvP. Some people play the game entirely for the PvP mode, other people hate it and chose to avoid it entirely. In Classic, there are technically 3 different ways to do PvP – dueling, battlegrounds, and world PvP. Today, we’re going to talk about battlegrounds and more specifically one battleground called Arathi Basin. But before that, we need to talk about player vs player mode in general. Our WoW Classic PvP boost for a particular RBG is aimed to increase your awareness and show you how to successfully win on a given battleground. RBGs are PvP game modes that you queue up for by talking to battle master NPC in your capital city or by going to the respective instance portal in the open world. WoW Classic Alterac Valley boost is designed to introduce you to one of the first battlegrounds that will be added to the game. So why people love PvP? The main and internal incentive to do it is to get honor or WoW Classic honorable kills. There are 14 honor ranks and the higher rank the harder it is to attain. Completing a battleground gives you honor points, but winning it gives you a lot more and this is the reason to play them. Of course, there are rewards for achieving a certain rank, and if you’re a competitive player, this mode is just for made for you.

WoW Classic Alterac Valley RBG is something else

Now, let’s talk about our featured battleground. A huge 40 vs 40 Horde vs Alliance RBG. It’s a Tug of War-style map, where the Horde and Alliance fight for control of small bases and nodes pushing their control and respawn points further down the map to eventually kill the enemy leader – a level “??” elite NPC. This battleground allows anyone from lvl 50 to 60 to participate and these games can last from 1 hour up today or two. Alterac Valley PvP boost will show you how to win here. By the way there tons of NPCs on the map as well that offer quests within the battleground setting for reputation and currency to buy some really awesome gear. Despite being not as competitive as Warsong Gulch, Alterac Valley is definitely a massive and fun battle. That’s not to say that there is no strategy if fact there is a lot to take in. There used to be a lot of guides written for Vanilla Alterac Valley. But rather than reading an outdated material, you get the chance to see everything first-hand. This battleground has changed drastically over the years and lost its charm. Going back to the original version is a very strong feeling and winning it will make you feel like a real battle general.

Join the most epic battle with Alterac Valley Carry

WoW Classic Alterac Valley quests demand more attention. Much like the presence of NPCs on the battleground, quests add more depth to the gameplay. Similar to RTS games where you can spend resources to upgrade your units, you can turn in armor scraps to your blacksmith to upgrade your guards and patrols. In fact, guards can be updated up to 3 times with enough scraps. In order to used airstrikes, you have to first save all of your airstrike commanders from enemy towers. If they die, they do not respawn. And just like the upgraded guards you need to loot players to get special items to turn in order to use them. Once your team has enough, you can then take a beacon to tell your special airborne units which areas to attack. There is also Calvary that you can command by pointing where to attack and when it’s best to save these things for a planned attack and not just use it all willy-nilly. That’s just a few examples of additional game objectives that you have on this battleground. There are infantry attacks that let you unleash groups pf allied NPCs on the enemy base. To do so, you need to control one of two mines on the map or both of them to speed up the process. You can learn the rest from our boosters at

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