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Island Expeditions Boost & Carry

Island Expeditions
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Island Expeditions
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An introduction to WoW Island Expeditions.

The new instance activities that come to the BFA expansion are the Island Expeditions. Much like the scenarios in Mists of Pandaria, these are 3-men squad oriented adventures, where the role of your class is not important. It means that you can go on the expedition with 3 DPS characters and still beat the content. On the other hand, expeditions focus on gathering precious Azerite, unlike scenarios that focused more on storytelling. Azerite, the Blood of Azeroth is the new currency that is used to empower your Heart of Azeroth by reaching certain amounts of Artifact Power. Legionfarm has wow boost designed for these expeditions. The first uncharted island you visit is one of a tutorial. Upon completing which you will get access to expeditions for all characters above lvl 110. On the expedition table, you will have a choice of 3 islands to visit and every week they will change. There you can also change the difficulty, that will put you in the queue much like the normal dungeons. You can buy wow carry service to unlock this content. The higher the difficulty the higher the level of enemies you will face and the bigger amounts of Azerite you will get. If you are having a hard time completing Heroic or Mythic difficulties, we suggest picking up our Island Expeditions carry service.

Explore more with WoW Island Expeditions boost.

The theme of BfA expansion is a renewed conflict between Alliance and the Horde, this is well reflected in island expeditions as well. The expedition itself is a kind of competition, and more than often you have to fight for Azerite against players from the opposite faction. The monsters are also featured renewed AI that can surprise you with unexpected tactics. If you are not a fan of PvP and just want to level up your Heart of Azeroth, you can buy island expeditions boost wow to get your weekly cap of 2500 Azerite. Of course, like with any other activity in WoW, there are special achievements to earn. There are a total of 12 achievements:

  • Island Conqueror
  • Give Me The Energy
  • Metal Detector
  • Helping Hand
  • Expert Expeditioner
  • Island Slayer
  • Azerite Admiral
  • Tell Me A Tale
  • I'm Here for the Pets
  • Notorious
  • Team Deathmatch

The last one, called the Expedition Leader is special. If you are wondering how to get Expedition Leader title, there are two options. One - to get it you first need to acquire all other achievements listed above. The second one you can just get it on our website. You’ll get the title, over 30,000 Azerite, a chance to get epic mounts and more. All in one package called Expedition Leader title boost.


Stop being a liability, get Battle for Azeroth Island Expeditions carry service today!

The way this offer works is when you pick it up, our managers will dedicate an experienced player, who will be completing the task for you at the preferred schedule. This player will only use your account after you permit him to do so and you can track his progress via the stream, the link to which will be provided for you. This is the safest way to boost, as there will be no software used. The work is done solely by our specialists. We also provide services for Island weekly cap farm, if you need more Azerite. You will get 5-6 Island expeditions done for you in random difficulty as well as completed Weekly Azerite quest. As a bonus you’ll get 1500 reputation with 7th Legion for Alliance or The Honorbound for Horde and a chance to get one of 5 pets or mounts from the Expeditions, the drop rate is randomized. So, if you are looking for BFA Expeditions boost, you now know where to find the best! Safe, handmade service without cheats, aimbots or macros of any kind. Always in “appear offline” mode, where possible. We specialize in helping players achieve their goals by providing one of the best WoW service on the market. For more information about our offers, limited-time discounts please follow to – the best WoW vendor out there!

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