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WoW BfA: Dungeons

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WoW Dungeon levels will keep your party entertained

Dungeons are one of the most iconic types of activity in any MMO. World of Warcraft has perfected dungeons as complicated, multi-layered ecosystems, with their own storyline, characters, and exclusive rewards. Some might argue that dungeons are the best place to get the new gear, consequently, you can find WoW boosting service for dungeons on our website. Dungeons are one of the first types of long missions designed for players to complete as part of teams. Players should communicate and work as a unit to finish a dungeon and then harvest the rewards. Dungeons can be done in various difficulties to increase the challenge. You can look for Mythic dungeon boost if you struggle with the hardest difficulty. There are around 100 dungeons in the game, with the first ones available at level 15. One of the most unique dungeons is Grimrail Depot that puts players in the fast-moving train that needs to be stopped. Another one – Culling of Stratholme, let players re-live the Warcraft 3 mission where Arthas wiped the village of supposedly infected civilians. The BfA also has a dungeon that features lots of bosses and a ton of rewards including mounts, pets, titles and more. You can buy WoW dungeon carry on our website if you want those rewards without actually going through the trouble of getting it. The mount is only accessible on the Mythic difficulty, therefore to get it you would need to have a strategy. Or you could pick up the WoW mythic dungeon carry service that we offer.

Get better loot with Mythic Dungeon Boost

The highest difficulty of the dungeon is Mythic. There is also a keystone system that sets the difficulty even higher, so-called Mythic+. Not all dungeons can be played at this difficulty. For some of those dungeons that are available at this level, we have a mythic dungeon boost. In Warlords of Draenor, for instance, Iron Docks and Skyreach can be played in Mythic. In Legion Court of Stars and a few others could only be played in Heroic and Mythic difficulty. For BfA these are Siege of Boralus and King’s Rest. That being said, if your goal is to complete every dungeon available in this difficulty, we suggest you have a look at our mythic dungeon boost, as some of these dungeons are quite challenging. One of the latest additions to dungeons is Operation: Mechagon. It requires a max level character and is only available on Mythic difficulty. There are 8 boss encounters each of which features their own special mechanic and a way to defeat them. The requirement of having a strategy and a unique playstyle is a golden rule of dungeons. If you are having a problem beating those bosses, we have an Operation Mechagon boost to help you out with that.

Operation Mechagon Carry and boss tactics

The first two bosses of Operation Mechagon are straightforward. King Gobbamak can be defeated if players keep charging an electric device, which in turn zaps the boss if he comes close. You might need the mythic dungeon boost for other bosses, not this one. The second boss, Gunker uses the goo to disable players, so the tactics are to stay away from the goo and help players that got stuck in it. Mechagon carry service can help you get through the boss faster though. The toughest encounter is the fight with Trixie and Nano. You fight them both at the same time, and if you kill one the other gets a massive buff. It is advised to try to get them both to low health and deal with them simultaneously. The other option would be getting the Mechagon carry service. The boss before the final one is Machinist’s Garden. The main challenge here is not the boss himself, but the room where the fight takes place. It has lots of moving pieces and lasers that need to be avoided. Last, but not least is the Mechagon King himself. This is going to be a two-stage boss fight. In the first stage, the King will be using his hovercraft and use a few attacking abilities. In the final stage, he turns into a giant robot. His attacks are empowered and modified, plus there will be a few more like Magneto Arm.

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