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WoW BfA: The Eternal Palace

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Get Azshara Eternal Palace boost and swim through the new raid

The latest raid in Battle of Azeroth called Azshara Eternal Palace that came out fairly recently. It features 8 bosses with their own unique mechanics and a plethora of rewards. This raid holds many challenges, so we have a special WoW boosting service to aid you. The rewards are especially juicy and feature mounts, battle pets, titles and more. The item level you can expect to get from the raid will be over 415. On top of that you’re given a lot of Azerite for your Heart of Azeroth As the lore goes the palace is the place where the Queen of Nazjatar Emire resides. The overall theme is an underwater kingdom, which you enter from a huge whirlpool at the Gate of the Queen that takes you to the palace itself. Raiding is a hardcore activity that requires planning, teamwork and preparation. For this reason, we offer a few Azshara’s Eternal Palace carry services. In the next part, we will cover some basic strategies for some of the bosses, so you have a general idea of what to expect at each encounter. If you are just thinking about completing this raid, we suggest picking up our Normal Azshara Eternal Palace boost. The boost will help either get the completed raid or do it yourself by being invited into a raid composed of professionals who will make the raid to be a walk in a park.

Ain’t nothing fishy with Normal Azshara`s Eternal Palace raid carry

The Abyssal Commander Sivara is one stage boss, depending on the difficulty she could have some additional mechanics. The main mechanic is that the first time the raid attacks her, half of the raid will be given a Frost mark and the other half will be given the Poison mark. These marks are dots, meaning they deal damage over time. If players with opposite marks come close to each other, it will deal an AOE damage. So, it is advised to keep the raid separated into two groups and on either side of the room if you want to make it to the end of the battle and get that Azshara Normal kill. On heroic difficulty, both Toxic Brand and Frost Mark have a special effect that gives players an extra resource bar. The bar fills when players don’t move and deplete on the move. The goal is to not let the bar be filled. Players with Frost Mark should move as frequently as possible. But those who have Poison debuff, should do the opposite and limit their movement as much as possible, as their bar fills up during movement. If you struggle to kill this boss, our Heroic Eternal Palace carry will help you to progress on this difficulty. Remember that other bosses will have additional mechanics on different difficulty levels as well. Therefore, always keep those changes in mind if you want to get the Azshara Heroic kill.

Heroic AEP boost is what you need to beat the raid

AEP system is based on comparing gear based on the formula that 10 Agility = 10 Stamina = 20 Strength = 20 Attack Power = 1% Crit. This makes comparison pretty easy because you covert the values of attributes in terms of Agility points. The formula can differ from class to class. When preparing for the raid, bringing the right gear based on AEP is essential. AEP carry lets you bring the right tools for the job, so you will always be in an advantage. Blackwater Behemoth can be challenging because you have to fight him whilst being immune to healing. This debuff can be removed via Bioluminescence. It can be obtained by killing a pufferfish, the two of which will be present at each platform. On Heroic difficulty, the players must wait for the Bioluminescence to expire before they can move to the next platform. It could be hard to coordinate the actions, to help you with that, we offer a Heroic AEP boost. For those of you who want even more challenge, can try out additional difficulty with the Keystone. This system lets you play the raids with additional challenges like increased damage for extra loot. The higher the level of your Keystone the better rewards. The Keystone master is an achievement given for those who complete the level 15 dungeon or raid. Assuming that additional challenges called Affixes change every week randomly. As a result, getting Keystone Master achievement takes a lot of sweat and pain.

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