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The Eternal Palace Heroic Piloted

299 USD
109 USD
Get 5.45 USD back on your account after the purchase
Discount ends in:
Free stream You can watch how your order will be done via stream
Daily updates We’ll keep you informed about progress of your order
15-45 min to start We can start your order in around 45 min from the start
Custom schedule We playing when it’s most comfortable for you

Offer Includes:

  1. The Eternal Palace completed on Heroic difficulty
  2. 430+ ilvl gear
  3. Ahead of the Curve: Queen Azshara achievement
  4. Estimated completion time is 3-5 hours
  5. Tons of Azerite for your Heart of Azeroth

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the requirements for this service?
A: Your character has to be lvl 120 and your overall ilvl has to be 390+. Both of these can be selected as an option.

Q: Is this a piloted run?
A: Yes, it is piloted run, but you can choose selfplay as an option.

Q: How much time does it take to complete a Heroic Eternal Palace?
A: Estimated completion time is 3-5 hours.

Q: When will you start boosting?
A: Your character will be carried in the first available raid run or you can select the time by yourself.

Q: Where can I find the schedule?
A: Raid Schedule is to the right from the main picture at the top of the page.

Q: What server is this service for?
A: All of our services are available both for US and EU servers.

Why would you choose us:

  • Our services are 100% safe, check our Trustpilot page for real customers reviews
  • Our PvE boosters are professionals with mythic raiding experience and a lot of years of hardcore gaming behind their backs
  • We're always using VPN and a "appear offline" mode if it's possible
  • Any of your desires may be implemented into your order
  • We're 24/7 online to answer any of your questions

What will happen after the payment:

  • Our manager will contact you and will assign a professional booster or a team of boosters to your character
  • You'll decide on the schedule of your boosting process
  • Once the schedule is set, the boosting process will begin
  • You can participate in the boosting process by choosing the "Selfplay" option, if available
  • Once the boosting is complete, your keybindings will be returned to their initial statement
  • Everything that's been looted during the boost will be left at your inventory or bank
  • Our manager will contact you to inform that everything is done

Offer Description:

How can I beat Azshara Eternal Palace raid on Heroic?

The infamous Queen Azshara is back! One of the most powerful and feared villains of Azeroth is now the final encounter in Azshara Eternal Palace raid. The raid is incredibly hard, but you should not fear, 'cause with our AEP Heroic raid run the Queen's reign will be over. Once you place an order on the website, our manager will contact you to settle the details and set up a schedule. After that, our professional boosters will spring into action.

What will I get with Azshara Eternal Palace boost?

We will get your character through the whole raid on Heroic difficulty, grant you Azshara Eternal Palace Heroic personal loot, and defeat all eight bosses, including the Queen herself. Our boosting teams are highly-experienced experts, and they will manage to get Azshara kill without any trouble. The offer also includes 430+ ilvl gear, a whole bunch of Azerite for your Heart of Azeroth and Ahead of the Curve: Queen Azshara achievement.

Why should I buy AEP carry? has established itself as a reliable and high-quality WoW vendor. We do not use any cheating devices, and all our services are strictly handmade. When you order our boosts you can be sure that your account is totally safe and secured. We guarantee only full completion of all requests, no matter the difficulty. Don't waste time, buy Azshara Eternal Palace raid and enjoy the glorious rewards!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How the service works?
  • Is it safe? Why should I trust you?
  • How long will it take to complete an order? Estimation time?
  • Do you have streaming option? Can I track my order execution? Is it free?
  • I don't want anyone to know that I use the boosting service! What about your privacy policy?
  • Can I play during the service?
  • What about financial conditions? Installment plan? Loan? Credit? Prepayment? Deposit? Moneyback? Cashback? Discount?
  • What about your boosters and contractors? Who they are?

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