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[EU] Antorus Mythic VIP run with 6+ items guaranteed

265 EUR
Get 13.25 EUR back on your account after the purchase

Mythic difficulty Antorus the Burning Throne with the best gear presented in the game so far, unique limited by time achievements, cool transmog, and many more acquirements.

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Antorus Mythic loot run - new Raid on hardest difficulty with crazy loot

You'll get:

How your order will be done

  • You will be invited into an epic battle with one of the top 5 guilds in the world to slay 11/11 bosses in Mythic difficulty in the final raid of legion Antorus the Burning Throne.
  • You will have the opportunity to play and talk to the best players in the world who will teach you how to stomp on the demon's door and loot them for epics and legendaries!
  • In your journey and battles through the corrupted throne with hordes of demons and their masters you will acquire the best gear presented is in the game so far
  • See the complete list of all rewards and bonuses below

Loot Distribution Policy:

  • 20 players raid with a professional team
  • 6 gear pieces guaranteed for different slots If you get less than 6 pieces, we will make another run to get them for free! Of course, you can get even more, but we guarantee at least 6 item slots
  • 100% guarantee that you will get loot exactly for your class/spec!! depending on your armor type
  • Bonus rolls are included in the items guarantee

Carry requirments

  1. 110 lvl (can be provided by our fast power leveling service right now)
  2. Your gear should be at least 950 ilvl (can be provided by our fast gearing service right now)
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