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[EU] All Allied Races Unlock Pack

449 EUR
309 EUR
Get 15.45 EUR back on your account after the purchase

We will fully unlock 8 Allied races - the Maghar Orc; Dark Iron Dwarves; Zandalari Trolls; Kul Tiran Humans; Nightborn Elves; Lightforged Draenei; Highmountain Tauren; Void Elves with their respective mounts

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Additional options to make your character more powerful

You’ll get:

  1. Allied Races: Mag'har Orc achievement and can create a Mag'har Orc for completing a unique scenario
  2. Mag'har Direwolf mount for completing the scenario
  3. Achievement Ready for War for Horde War Campaign completion
  4. Exalted with The Honorbound - a special delegation of the Horde army, focused on disrupting Alliance operations in Kul Tiras
  5. Dark Iron Dwarves race unlock by completing a unique scenario
  6. Allied Races: Dark Iron Dwarf  achievement and can create a Dark Iron Dwarf for completing the scenario
  7. Achievement Ready for War for Alliance War Campaign completion
  8. Exalted with The 7th Legion - an elite special force delegation of the Alliance army, currently focused on disrupting Horde operations in Zandalar
  9. Allied Races: Dark Iron Dwarf  achievement and can create a Dark Iron Dwarf
  10. Zandalari race unlock by completing a unique scenario
  11. Zandalari Direhorn mount for completing the scenario
  12. Achievements for Unlocking the Zandalari Trolls
  13. Kul Tiran Human race unlock by completing a unique scenario
  14. Unique mount for completing the scenario
  15. Achievements for unlocking the Kul Tiran Humans
  16. Allied Races: Nightborne achievement and can create a Nightborne for completing a unique scenario
  17. Nightborne Manasaber mount for completing the scenario
  18. Achievement Insurrection for completing Suramar storyline
  19. Exalted with The Nightfallen

How your order will be done

  • Our managers will contact you and arrange a professional booster with a flexible schedule, depending on your own preferences
  • Once you are happy with your schedule and gave the permission, a professional booster will log on to your account for a period needed to unlock all 8 races
  • The booster will complete lots of questing on the maximum level of your character, that will involve outdoor questing, world questing and some dungeon quests
  • You may watch the whole process by a private stream that our managers will gladly provide for you

Carry Requirements:

120 level character (can be provided by our fast leveling services)

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