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[US] 110-120 Leveling

49 USD
22 USD
Get 1.1 USD back on your account after the purchase

We will level up your character in 48 hours or less. Start exploring Battle for Azeroth today!

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Choose additional options:

You'll get:

  1. Level 120 character
  2. Decent gear to start exploring the Battle for Azeroth
  3. Tons of Azerite for your Heart of Azeroth
  4. Some reputation with different Battle for Azeroth factions
  5. Unlocking of max level activities (heroic/mythic dungeons, raids, most of BFA questlines, etc.)
  6. Lots of questing and dungeons completed along the way
  7. All gold, items and resources looted during the boost

How your order will be done:

  • Our team will arrange a professional booster with a flexible schedule will raise your character to max level
  • Once you are happy with your schedule and gave the permission, a professional booster will log on to your account for a period needed to level up your character or/and do other chores if you pick any additional options
  • You may watch and learn how to level up your character real quick by a private stream that our team will gladly provide especially for you
  • It is always your right to enter your account whenever you are willing to, in fact, you will always have the option to speak with your booster directly or through your personal manager from our staff
* Safe, handmade service without cheats, aimbots or macros of any kind. Always in “appear offline” mode, where possible.

Carry Requirements:

  1. 110 level character (can be provided by our leveling services)

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Max level character

Let’s discuss, why the high level character is so significant aspect of the game? Despite that you can find yourself an activity on any level of your character in WoW, all the major endgame activities become available when your character at maximum level. And developers focus mainly on content for max powerleveling. You may think that 110 character level, for example, is quite enough for you, but soon you will notice that most of your friends and other players are enjoying high level endgame content.

What does the maximum level content mean? The developers are trying to vary the game the way that everyone could find something he or she likes to do. If you are fond of PvP, for example, you have a lot of opportunities to show your skill or just spend time having fun against the same level characters as you. There are a lot of Arenas, battlegrounds and open world spaces made especially for this in Battle for Azeroth. Try to activate PvP mode in one of your capitals, Stormwind for the Alliance and Orgrimmar for the Horde, and experience this fun for yourself.If you like to explore PvE content, you have a lot of things to do, including 10 new dungeons, and the new Uldir raid in the best WoW traditions. There are also tons of stuff to do for collectors. New pets, mounts, achievements, titles, and transmog. Cool brand new activities, such as:

1. Island Expeditions - scenarios for 3 high level characters, where you have to collect resources for your faction.
2. Warfronts - massive event for 20 characters where you have to build your own base and destroy the enemy base, just like in good old Warcraft RTS.

Boost your character

To get access to all these great activities, you have to overcome not so exciting character leveling process. We will gladly help you with this, our powerleveling is the fastest and reliable service in this field. You can buy ultra fast character leveling that takes only 12 hours! Best boosters are ready to help you so you could get access to all great activities on the maximum level of your character. Our service is not only the fastest one but is of a very cheap price, comparing to all other WoW services. Our boosters are professionals and deal carefully with your character and account. They make sure all your settings and set-ups stay safe and sound.

We are also providing other services in the powerleveling field. Gearing, questing, powerleveling of you artifact or any other boosting of your character, you name it! We will provide any powerleveling for you at very cheap prices.

Our services are not limited only to powerleveling. You can buy all listed above services, including PvP, Raids, Warfronts, Island Expeditions and all new sorts of services and all these at cheap prices.

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