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WoW Shadowlands: Mythic Keystone

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Welcome the eighth expansion with a WoW Shadowlands boost

The date of the release is yet to be announced, but the new 8th expansion is already hotly-anticipated as ever. We are waiting for it as well, and as far as we know, it’s gonna be a hit. Entirely new setting, a new story to follow, new challenges to face, and that’s why we are ready to offer new WoW Shadowlands carry options for you to use. The devs promised us a truckload of new content, including lots of fan-favorite dungeons. As you know, dunges are a great source of gear and XP, not to mention tons of fun you have while running them with friends. Several difficulties make things more exciting. In case Mythic difficulty is not challenging enough, there is a Keystone system, that enables teams to play dungeon and raids at difficulty Mythic+. You can get the keys in two ways, and both of them include beating a Mythic dunge of some kind. The first method is simple – you just beat a Mythic dunge. When you finish it, among other loot you’ll be given a key to unlock a specific dungeon, and that’s pretty much it. Alternatively, you can join somebody else’s group, but this time, you’re gonna need to run a Mythic+ dunge. At the end of the run, you’ll be given a key as well. Actually, there’s one more method – you can buy Shadowlands Mythic keystone from us. Our pro players will show you all the loopholes in those dungeon-runs, teach you how to play more efficiently, and help you with getting those keys. As for Shadowlands, Mythic keystone+ system is, of course, still valid. From what we’ve heard, only eight dungeons are gonna have M+ modes, but the WoW fan community is hoping to get more with each upcoming patch.

How does a Shadowlands keystone work?

Now when you know how to get the key, let us explain how the system works in a few words. In the Mythic+ system, this “+” stands for the level of a given Keystone. The higher this number is, the harder it is to get through the dungeon. For instance, the dunge unlocked by a lvl 2 keystone is easier than the one unlocked by a lvl 5 key. Of course, these levels affect the loot as well. None of the M+ bosses actually drop loot, but once you beat the dungeon, you’ll see a bunch of chests that contain your rewards. The number of those chests depends on your performance. These rules are basic and they apply to the new expansion as well. What’s more – if you beat all dungeons at Mythic lvl15 or higher until the season ends, you’ll get WoW Shadowlands keystone master achievement. It’ll come with lots of respect from other players and, of course, some truly unique rewards. Completing this arduous mission on your own is extremely difficult, so it’s better to buy Shadowlands keystone master carry from us and let our experts assist you in this risky undertaking. Running dunges with a group of pros is way cooler and more effective than by yourself, let alone the skills and knowledge you’re gonna acquire during this run. And by the way, if you successfully complete high-lvl dunges in Shadowlands, fast gearing is guaranteed. Every week players are also rewarded with a weekly chest, the loot of which depends on the level of Keystone a player had by the time the chest became available.

Access the most hardcore dungeons with our Mythic Keystone carry

If you or your group fail to complete the run, your keystone will be depleted. You’ll still be able to use it, but you’ll no longer get loot from that run and you’ll gonna have to repeat it to replete that keystone. To avoid such unpleasantries, you’d better buy Shadowlands carry from us and let us carry you through all those hardcore dungeons. Remember that getting to the end before the time runs out grants more rewards and upgrades the Keystone. With our pro teams and our Shadowlands boosting service, you’ll loot the best items a dungeon can give you. Games are created to bring joy and fun and not to tire us more than our work and ordinary routine, so let us prove that they still can do it. Learn while playing and become more advanced with – your №1 coach in beating WoW’s dungeons.


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