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CoD Warzone: Weapons

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Any AR 1-72 Custom Leveling


Any SMG 1-72 Custom Leveling


AH-94 Unlock


Enigma Blueprint Unlock


ISO Unlock






Rytec AMR


The VLK Rogue Unlock




Grau 5.56 Unlock




CR-56 AMAX Unlock




Fennec Unlock




Kali Sticks Unlock


Warzone 1-155 Leveling


The Bruen MK9 Unlock




Holger-26 Unlock


RAM-7 Unlock


Renetti Unlock


Crossbow Unlock


SKS Unlock


Striker 45 Unlock


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There’s never enough firepower for Warzone

What goes through your mind when you hear Rytec AMR shot landing in a piece of a wall near your head in CoD Warzone? It must be a mix of fright and relief. There are many guns, and let’s say it’s relatively easy to get them all unlocked even without account boosting. But once you do unlock them, you’ll find out that each of them has a progression bar of their own—kind of like a gun-specific Battle Pass. More than often, you’d use a CR-56 AMAX AR, but you won’t because that mod you really need to install on it is locked. That’s where you’re going to need a Warzone boost. Check this out—you got the Marksman Rifles category, and they’re easier to use than SRs on mid-range. They typically have a fire reload speed. With the depth of the customization system in this game, you can still turn your MR into an SR, giving it more powerful rounds, bigger scope, and all that. Finding the best compilation of mods for the gun is always fun, but you can’t do that if you don’t have the gun itself or haven’t unlocked many mods. Take the best shotguns, for instance. Some VLK Rogue doesn’t look all that impressive when you first get to use it. But give it time, and with mods, it turns into a fire-breathing beast. And if you’re still not sure how to unlock weapons Warzone, keep reading.

Best Weapons in Warzone are the ones that you make yourself

The fastest way is getting wins, completing challenges. That gives XP to your profile, which in turn unlocks your weapons when you reach a certain lvl. Now, here are some examples of weapons with good potential of becoming a nightmare for your enemies. With the CoD Warzone boost, we recommend obtaining the Grau 5.56 Assault Rifle. You can’t go wrong with an AR. With the huge number of options this class of weapons offers, you can have a tool for all occasions. AH-94 AR is another proof of this theory. But the real Warzone destroyer is FINN LMG. We don’t get too many LMGs with each season, but this one does stand out a lot. This lawnmower leaves an unforgettable impression on everyone unfortunate to be on the other side of the barrel. The melee in Warzone Call of Duty is instead a gimmick rather than a real weapon. But if you do want to flex on your enemies, better do so with a golden knife or drum sticks, don’t you think? Why do we get so many options to choose from anyway? Indeed, it’d be boring to have one or two representatives of each weapon class, but there’s more to it. A big reason for having such a variety is to allow us to come up with our own classes. You go into your arsenal and decide—today, I want to support my team by laying down cover fire, pinning down the enemy squad. Because of that, you grab an LMG with a huge magazine and a tripod. For a secondary, you’re thinking to focus on enemy transport. But then also you decide that you’ll go with ground transport only. So you grab an RPG because it’s much easier to hit a ground vehicle than a flying one with it. Or maybe to hell all of it and today you’re rocking only ISO SMG. Besides that, you can always surprise a sniper peeking out of the window by sending a rocket into that window. It’s half of the fun to be able to decide which kind of soldier you’re going to be in the next match, which is why our safe and professional services are so in demand. So go ahead and have a look around the Legionfarm website. You’ll most likely find a bunch of cheap offers that’ll make you save in your bookmarks.

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