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1 Hour With Personal Coach (Team)

Nature of this price
We want to show you what you are paying for!
you’ll get:
  1. The desired number of hours with our professional player coaching your team
  2. Skill level-up guaranteed
  1. * 24/7 support team. Chat us whenever you want
  2. * Personal pro-player & private chat with him
  3. * Private stream
  4. * Automated daily updates about the order progress
  5. * Custom schedule. You can change the schedule as well as the executor
  6. * Quality control on each step of the order
  7. * Account assurance
  8. * 0.2USD cashback on your personal account balance.
And remember, we guarantee moneyback
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Get 0.2 USD back on your account after the purchase
Free stream You can watch how your order will be done via stream
Daily updates We’ll keep you informed about the progress of your order
Custom schedule We play when it’s most comfortable for you

Getting better at the game can be tough sometimes and we're here to help you with it! One of our professional players will spend the desired amount of time coaching your team and you'll become a much more successful team as a result!

Personal coach (Team) will help your group (2 or more players) with:
- Understanding each other and healthy communication. Prime World is about the teamplay.
- What to do and when: gank your opponents, clear the forest and focus on the pushing.
- Roles choice: you will understand who will be better for mid/top/bot/forest/zuma.
- Creating the best combination of heroes: Powerful solo-heroes can be much weaker than two underrated heroes with great synergy.
- Warding. Smart warding will guarantee the victory after 1-2 good teamfights.
- Moves and rotations on the battlefield. Right positioning can grant the initiative and let you dominate over enemies.
- Map control: use your minimap to get the advantage over opponent — you will be ready for all ganks and moves.
- Winner mood: even if you are falling behind, you always can counterattack and make the comeback.
- How to improve more: training course from the PRO-player.

You'll be able to adjust the number of hours in your cart.

We are sure, that it is the best price for 1 Hour With Personal Coach (Team)!
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Offer Includes:

  1. The desired number of hours with our professional player coaching your team
  2. Skill level-up guaranteed

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