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Golden Weapon Skin

39 USD
Get 1.95 USD back on your account after the purchase

Golden Guns Skin Rewards are earned exclusively in Competitive Mode. To unlock the Golden Weapon, you’ll have to spend 3,000 competitive point. If you ever wanted one of these marvellous skins, simply choose the amount of Competitive Points you want us to farm on your account and we will begin immediately.

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You’ll get:

  1. Guaranteed number of Competitive Points, specified by the package you ordered.
  2. All the Skill Rank  won during our service.
  3. All loot boxes obtained during our service.

How your order will be done:

  • Once you place your order, we will contact you to set the time of the service accroding to your personal shedule.
  • The desired amount of Competetive Points is  100% guaranteed.
  • You can choose up to 3 Heroes our booster will play, with additional option (see below).
  • All the progress of your character; reminders about the time of the service will be sent to you so you do not have to keep all this information in mind, we’ll bring it right to you.
  • After the order is done, we will inform you so you could check the result.

General info:

To unlock the Golden Weapon, you’ll have to spend 3,000 competitive points (CP), which you can only earn through playing and winning in the competitive mode. The trick is, you only get a few points for winning a match. So it will take a lot of matches to collect the 3,000 CP you need. Some of our best professional boosters will lead your character through numerous competitive matches. They will keep winning games until you get to 3000 CP to unlock your golden weapon.

Carry Requirments:

  • This offer is only available for players who have their Overwatch account at level 25 (can be provided by our Leveling service right now).
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