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Join Legionfarm team!

Who we are:

Legionfarm is a service that accelerates the progress of players in online games. We help players who suffer from lack of time or absence of a team to achieve excellent results in the game. We hire professional players to help users master the game. We have been assisting players to achieve results in games for 3 years already. We provided tens of thousands of services.

Who we are looking for:

  • You are a passionate gamer who wants to make money out of his hobby.
  • You are an experienced player and able to do boosting for the World of Warcraft Classic?
  • We are happy to invite you to work with us as a power-level-booster! Here it is: WORKING CONDITIONS!

  • Basically, we have only 2 requirements for you:

  • Average English or higher (being able to write correctly enough)
  • Age 16+ and verified PayPal (if you are younger you can have PayPal verified on parents or someone else)

  • It’ll be perfect if you have experience in boosting previously, but if not - you can compensate it with a good attitude and communication with us / customers.
    Please fill out the survey so we can contact you!
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    Destiny 2TM is a trademark of Bungie. Legionfarm is not related to Blizzard Entertainment of Bungie in any way.
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