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One-shot Airstrike PvP Skill Build

699 USD
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This is the new Skill Build designed to dominate in PvP and Dark Zone. Just point a target for your Bombardier Drone and watch the immediate death of your enemies.

This build includes the Eagle Bearer Exotic AR — the best AR for PvP and even the best AR in the whole game.

All equipment is a total random drop, but we guarantee, that you will get a perfect working Skill Build.

If you have the Eagle Bearer already — check this option below to get a huge discount.

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You’ll get:

  1. Eagle Bearer Exotic AR to provide bonus armor and defend yourself
  2. Black Market AK-M — high-rolled damage and skill damage perks
  3. Custom Gear Set which is optimized and balanced to buff your skill haste and explosive damage
  4. Demolitionist Specialization 165/165 points unlocked
  5. Lots of other random gear and weapons obtained during this service

Build details:


  1. Eagle Bearer Exotic AR (it provides bonus armor and is totally the best weapon in PvP)
  2. Black Market AK-M (to provide bonus damage from skills) with Spike, Stable and Recharged
  3. Diceros Pistol (by the Demolitionist Specialization)


  • China Light Industries Mask with Destructive
  • Providence Defence Chest with Destructive
  • Douglas & Harding Holster with Destructive
  • China Light Industries Kneepads with Destructive
  • China Light Industries Gloves with Terminate
  • Alps Summit Backpack with Destructive and Skilled

Carry Requirements:

World Tier 05

SINGAPORE (079903)

Email: [email protected]
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