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Diamondback Lever-Action Exotic Rifle (1887)

119 USD
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Be careful, Agent! This rifle bites harder than you think.

Obtain the first lever-action Exotic Rifle in the Division 2. It's powerful perks grant you the high damage with critical shots guarantee.

Additional options to make your character more powerful

You'll get:

  1. Diamondback Exotic Rifle
  2. All 3 Kenly College Expedition Sites explored
  3. All the rewards obtained during this farm
  4. Weapons and gear that might drop during the boost

Exotic Weapon Unique Perks:

Diamondback is a unique exotic rifle which has powerful perks:

  • Agonizing Bite: Diamondback randomly marks an enemy. Hitting that enemy consumes the mark guaranteeing a critical hit with +10% additional damage. The new enemy is marked afterwards and whenever you reload.
  • Deep Fangs: After hitting 5 marked enemies, gain +50% reload speed, +10% total damage and every shot is critical for 10 seconds.
  • Shedding Skin: While drawn, each time the round is loaded, gain +15% bonus armor for 3s.  While holstered, each time you reload or cycle your current weapon, gain +8% bonus armor for 2s.

How your order will be done:

  • Once you place your order, we will assign a professional booster that will fulfill the request
  • Our booster will complete all 3 expedition sites to obtain the weapon
  • All Gear, Weapons, and/or Materials acquired during the boost will be left at your Inventory
* Safe, handmade service without cheats, aimbots or macros of any kind. Always in “appear offline” mode, where possible.

Carry Requirements:

World Tier 5

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