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Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy

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The legacy of Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

This day has finally come. It’s time to throw a party, let off some fireworks, celebrate in every possible way, and treat yourself to a tiny little present in the form of Destiny 2 carry, ‘cause that much-anticipated content drop, the first of 2020 and the one marking the second jubilee, is already here. Pop some champagne, let’s drink to that, Guardians. Let’s drink to Season of Worthy that’s manifested itself on a perfect spring day and has already become the true can't-miss hit. The Sundial has left us in a very tricky situation, and now we’re facing an extinction-level danger with that Psion Flayer gone rogue. The adventure awaits, and Legionfarm gives you a great opportunity to enjoy it to the fullest with our Destiny 2 season 10 carry. Top D2 pros are ready to assist you in unlocking every piece of that new content and teach you to adjust to every single upgrade, nerf or plot twist the devs have given us this time. Dozens of fresh carries and our good-old coaching offers are waiting for you!

A bunch of words about Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy

Let us stop beating around the bush and get down to business. Bungie’s once again brought a lot to the table and we need to bring you up to speed about all those innovations. Destiny 2 new armor is the first thing on our list. As you know, every content drop brings us not just lore and story but also new items, and armor, being a very important part of the gameplay, usually is among those items. S10 is not an exception. It gives us some really powerful sets from the Trials and, of course, adds some more in the nearest future but that’s not all. This time, Bungie reworked the whole armor system a little bit. The most notable change revolves around elements. Now you can change them (not for free, of course, but it’s possible) if you’re don’t like the initial drop. With such kind of modification, our Destiny 2 Armor 2.0 carry is getting much more demanded ‘cause you’ll need a ton of resources to perform those adjustments and we’ll gladly help you find them. Subclasses have also undergone some changes, and our experienced pros will do their best to help you figure all of it out. And now, if you please, we’ll move on to Destiny 2 meta.

Destiny 2 Season 10 highlights

The nerfs, ladies and gents. The nerfs have struck again. The devs reshaped a lot of basic characteristics of some well-loved weapons, and not just single ones but the whole classes. As it turns out, the golden age of sniper rifles has come to an end. Shotties’ stats are beaten down a bit, as well as some GLs and fusions features. However, there’s a silver lining. Bungie has buffed swords. Now if you buy Black Talon, for instance, you’ll get something really viable that can compete with firearms and not just a fancy piece of junk that only looks cool but in fact, doesn’t do anything useful during the battle. The same story with Destiny 2 Goldtusk. It’s a legendary that comes from the Menagerie. Back in the days it was something only a few people actually enjoyed ‘cause waving a sword in an FPS game kinda seemed like bringing a knife to a gunfight but now things have changed. Now this sword is quick, precise, and deadly, so if you wanna try out something entirely new, this one is definitely your go-to option. Returning to our nerfs and buffs, auto rifles are worth mentioning. They’ve been reworked as well and now come in a way better versions, and, rumor has it, they’ll be very good in Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris. Everyone’s keep talking about the Trials ’cause well, let’s face it, Bungie gave us a comeback of a decade. A sweaty but rewarding PvP mode welcomes all players above 960 lvl. It’s an extremely tough challenge with extremely generous rewards, and the better you do the richer you get in the end, so you might consider getting Trials of Osiris Flawless carry to make sure you receive the cream of the crop.

Welcome the new era with our Destiny 2 service

No matter how challenging and groundbreaking Season 10 is, Legionfarm offers you its Destiny 2 carry service that’s never gonna let you down (and never gonna give you up as well, in the finest traditions of Rick Astley). We’ll fight side-by-side, start together where S9 left off, and even change the course of fate if needed. With, everything is possible, so you’d better buckle up, Guardian. Load your guns, brighten your sword, put on your shiny battle, ‘cause we’ve got a world to save.

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