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Wenbreak (Wendigo + Outbreak) TOP DPS Combo

189 USD
165 USD
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There's not much to say:

  1. The most powerful kinetic weapon in the whole game - Outbreak Perfected
  2. The most powerful power weapon in the whole game - Wendigo GL3

Any Raid Boss will be defeated in seconds with this Wenbreak bundle. Shred them all!

Choose additional options:

You’ll get:

  1. Outbreak Perfected Exotic Pulse Rifle
  2. 10 level Masterwork Wendigo GL3 Pinnacle Vanguard Grenade Launcher
  3. Zero Hour mission unlocked and completed
  4. Zero Hour Heroic mission unlocked
  5. A lot of Vanguard Gear and Weapons that might drop during the service
  6. A lot of Gear and Weapons that might drop during the service
  7. Tons of Vanguard Tokens for extra loot from Commander Zavala

[x] Offer Description

One gun is good but two are better

The Power slot weapons that can make all the difference are the Grenade Launcher Wendigo GL3 and pulse rifle from the first Destiny game - Outbreak Perfected make the highest DPS combo in the game, and you can get them both easier than ever. Once you’ve bought this offer, a professional booster of ours will be assigned to you, to do the job. To be exact, to acquire the Wendigo, you’d need to get a lot of kills with Grenade Launcher type of weapons. And by a lot we mean 1,500. But that’s just the start. You will also need to perform 500 Multi kills with the same weapon type get 15,000 points. Next on the menu is Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected.

Pack some serious heat with Wendigo

Outbreak offers a more delicate questline, you’d have to complete the World Quest for Titan class. Honestly, the process of getting this gun is quite frustrating. Good thing that you won’t be doing it yourself, just leave it to us and you’ll have your D2 Outbreak Perfected. Getting that Grenade Launcher can also be quite hard. On the other hand, after you get the weapon, you’ll have plenty of other things in your inventory. We’re talking about tons of Tokens, Gear, and Weapons that dropped during the process of completing the tasks. Therefore, there is a lot to look forward to when getting the Wendigo GL3 and Outbreak.

Obliterate your enemies with Outbreak

You might be wondering why these two weapons are so good together? The performance of both of them in PvE is remarkable. You can expect raid bosses to die unbelievably fast. That opens up a lot of possibilities. Whatever raid you struggled with, these weapons grant you the upper hand in any situation. Sure, the skill matters, but with a gun like Destiny 2 Wendigo, the difference is noticeable. And as a nice bonus, you’ll get a lot of loot, completed Heroic mission and much more.

Short bundle review:

Wendigo GL3 and Outbreak Perfected have a very nice synergy between them. Any raid encounter goes like this: you're emptying your heavy ammo resources and if Raid Boss is not dead, you're pulling out your primary or secondary weapon. The main thing about these two weapons is that they are the top of the list in terms of DPS in any activity.

In PvE, this combo is extremely powerful. The Explosive Light perk of Wendigo GL3 makes things simply terrifying - the damage and the blast radius is just insane! And if the fight is not over, but you're out of heavy ammo, you shouldn't be worried, because this is where Outbreak Perfected enters the battle. It's unique ability to spawn nanites on dealing continuous damage increases the weapon's damage even further, but there's even more! If you have more then 1 Outbreak Perfected in your fireteam, their damage buff will stack. Seems unfair, but this is amazing!

In PvP, these weapons are also quite viable. Outbreak Perfected is a pulse rifle, which is always good in the Crucible. Pulse rifles are one of the most popular weapons in the PvP activities for a good reason - they're strong, reliable and easy to use. Grenade Launchers are a bit more complicated in the way you should use them. But the good thing is that this kind of weapon one-shots other Guardians, the only thing you should be thinking about is how your grenades will fly, but you'll surely get used to it.

Carry Requirements:

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