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Revoker Pinnacle Weapon

190 USD
150 USD
Nature of this price
We want to show you what you are paying for!
you’ll get:
  1. 10 Level Masterwork Revoker Pinnacle Crucible Sniper Rifle
  2. 3500 Glory achieved in total
  3. A lot of Crucible Gear and Weapons that might drop during the service
  4. Tons of Crucible Tokens for extra loot from Lord Shaxx
  1. * 24/7 support team. Chat us whenever you want
  2. * Personal pro-player & private chat with him
  3. * Private stream
  4. * Automated daily updates about the order progress
  5. * Custom schedule. You can change the schedule as well as the executor
  6. * Quality control on each step of the order
  7. * Account assurance
  8. * 7.5USD cashback on your personal account balance.
And remember, we guarantee moneyback
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The one and only REplacement to the Whisper, but 3 times better! Want to know why?

  1. The cleanest Scope with the fastest handling in the game, designed especially for this gun
  2. Every time returns missing ammo for free, instead of a chance
  3. Frees your Exotic slot

3. Perfect synergy with any mid and short range automatic gun

3. Powerful and already Masterworked for handling which is the best choice for Snipers

Did we say three times better? We undeREstimated it!

This is Pinnacle! This is a well-thought rewarding and joyful gun. 5 out of 3 on Legionmeter!

We are sure, that it is the best price for Revoker Pinnacle Weapon!

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You’ll get:

  1. 10 Level Masterwork Revoker Pinnacle Crucible Sniper Rifle
  2. 3500 Glory achieved in total
  3. A lot of Crucible Gear and Weapons that might drop during the service
  4. Tons of Crucible Tokens for extra loot from Lord Shaxx

Short weapon review:

Revoker is an aggressive frame kinetic sniper rifle. It's the new pinnacle weapon for the Season of Opulence and it's actually a really great sniper rifle! It has an amazing Reversal of Fortune perk that'll forgive you some of the missed shots, custom low-zoom scope which is good both for PvP and PvE, and a Snapshot Sights perk for that snappy sniping.

In PvP, Revoker is a dangerous weapon in the hands of a good-aiming Guardian. This type of sniper rifles will kill anything with a single precision shot (even a super). But, unlike any the other sniper rifle, it can generate ammo for missed shots (there will be a bit of the delay, but that's fine). This perk is extremely handy in the Crucible, where you're always low on the special ammo. Revoker feels very easy to use due to high handling and a low-zoom scope, so this is a great weapon for any Guardian!

In PvE, this is a slow firing, but a quite good weapon in terms of DPS. Aggressive sniper rifles can one-shot some fat targets, which may be critical in some situations + you're able to deal damage from long distances. Sometimes long distance is the only way to survive in the fight, you know. All of the benefits in terms of PvP goes here as well. Great sniper is always a wanted part of a fireteam.

[x] Offer Description

Obtaining D2 Revoker

Wanna expand your Destiny 2 pinnacle weapons collection? Always dreamed about a steady and precise sniper rifle, which is comfy in handling and has ammo perks? It looks like somebody has heard your prayers, 'cause Revoker is exactly what you need and it can be easily obtained via our service. Pick the boost and pay for it, then together with our manager arrange a proper schedule and wait a bit till our booster gets the job done. Getting Destiny 2 Revoker with our boost is simple and pleasant, you'll enjoy it, we guarantee!

What's included in the boost?

D2 Revoker is not the only thing you'll obtain from this boost. As it's required to battle in the Crucible, our D2 expert will win the matches in the arena in order to accomplish Destiny 2 Revoker quest, therefore earning you Glory – all in all, 3500 points – and it will hugely rank you up, especially if your current rank is not very high. Besides, you'll receive every dropped item of gear and weapons, plus lotta Crucible Tokens and loot.

Where can I use my Revoker?

Revoker is a solid choice for PvP due to its aiming and ammo refilling perks. It shows good results in PvE as well, so you really can't go wrong popping it into your kinetic slot. Our boosting is safe and fast, so with Legionfarm, this pinnacle's acquisition is gonna turn from a tiresome burden into an enjoyable adventure.

Carry Requirements:

– Forsaken Story Campaign completed (can be provided by our 50 LVL + Forsaken Story Completion offer)

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