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Destiny 2: Raids

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Choose a Destiny 2 raid boost that suits you best

Every D2 player knows that raids are something you can’t handle without striking a blow. They are aimed primarily at testing the in-game prowess, weapon skills, and tactical training, so one should not expect an easy completion. As we know, the main focus of any raid is on slaying the boss, though, every particular one is different. Let’s take Destiny 2 Last Wish raid. It requires weeks of preparations, a carefully chosen loadout and character class, not to mention well-thought-out unique strategies to kill all five adversaries. Sounds like quite the challenge, doesn’t it? And what if we say that you don’t have to puzzle over any of those problems? What if we say that our team of professional raiders can beat literally any boss just for you? With our service, raids in D2 are no longer a thing to be scared of. We have boosts for all seven raids, the new one included. Scourge of the Past boost guarantees full completion, which includes Berserkers hunting, running through the maze, killing Insurrection Prime, and dealing with other side-missions. Destiny 2 Leviathan raid carry is perfect for those who have just reached the endgame and don’t really know what a raid is. With our special “Selfplay” option, you will be joined by a group of skilled D2 professionals, who will show you how to handle all the bosses, give you useful tips, and explain the mechanics.

Discover Destiny 2 Season of the Undying raids with the pros

In case you’ve already gone through your first D2 raid, it’s time to hop to the game’s lairs. Destiny 2 Spire of Stars completion is your go-to if you wanna deal with this raid lair without racking your brains over the tactics. This one is considered to be extremely mechanically-heavy, but our experts have run through it a hundred times and know all ins and outs. Once you’ve hit 300 Power Level points, it’s time to buy Destiny 2 Eater of Worlds carry. The lair mission once again brings us to the ship of Emperor Calus and features only one boss encounter but it doesn’t make the killing any easier. However, you shall not worry – the best Legionfarm boosters are ready to do their job. Even the Crown of Sorrow raid carry – the most hardcore D2 raid ever known – is nothing to our experienced boosters. Horrible Gahlran will be defeated in no time, and you will be granted the most powerful loot in the game, which includes cool Destiny 2 raid gear and weapons.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep carries from the best D2 boosting service

D2 is not lacking hard-to-get-through activities but Bungie doesn’t intend to stop. The upcoming DLC and Season of Undying are about to bring you one more raid, which goes by the name of Garden of Salvation. We don’t know much of the detail, but so far, it’s reported to be Vex-related. Yes, you are probably gonna fight some cyborgs, and with Garden of Salvation raid completion from us, you will fight side by side with the real pros. The needed power level is yet to be announced but if you ask us, our bet would be on something from 900 to 950. The numbers seem intimidating, so feel free to use our power-up offer, and as soon as you meet the requirements, turn to our Garden of Salvation flawless run. We promise you won’t regret it.

Handling Destiny 2 new raid is easier with us

Whether it’s a new GoS raid or an old-school Leviathan, Legionfarm will provide an impeccable service. The range of boosts that we offer is truly impressive: from a single boss kill to the whole raids completed on a higher difficulty level. Just name the thing you want, and we’re sure there is a proper Destiny 2 carry to fulfill your wish. We work with experts from around the world, so you can pick any schedule you want. Moreover, our support team is available 24/7. They will gladly answer all your questions regarding your future orders or already purchased boost. Excellent raid completion is a lot more reachable than you think. Make sure of that by visiting and picking a boost right now.

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