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Power Level Boost

182 USD
Get 9.1 USD back on your account after the purchase

Don't have enough time to ready your character for the new Season? You came to the right place.

Our professional boosters will prepare your character for you to enjoy new Season with a comfortable Power Level.

If you are less then 300 Power, please select an additional option. In case you want to add any custom item or service, text us in an online chat.

Best price guarantee! If you saw this service with a lower price, Click Here
Current Power Level
Adjust slider to your current and desired Power Level.
You may also type in your values in boxes.
If you are lower than 300 Power, please select additional option below
Desired Power Level

Choose additional options:

You’ll get:

  1. Character boosted to the desired Power Level
  2. Rare and Legendary loot acquired during the boost
  3. Chance to get new Exotics
  4. Glimmer, Materials and Tokens of all kind

How your order will be done:

  • Once you place your order we will assign a professional player that will fulfill the request
  • Our booster will be playing all kinds of activities to achieve desired Power Level as soon as possible
  • All our players are professionals in PvE and PvP with K/D starting from 2.5
  • All Gear, Weapons, Tokens, Materials for completing activities, will be left on your character or at Post
  • You will be able to spend all collected Crucible Tokens buy yourself for even more rewards from Lord Shaxx

Carry Requirments:

  • No special gear or weapons needed

Get these offers in a batch and save 37 USD



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