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Destiny 2

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Another Destiny 2 vacation destination is closing. Is that a virus?

Mercury is one of the first planets you’d visit as someone who’s playing through the original first story campaign. So if you were ever wondering what was the original order of places you’d visit for that structural, natural, planned by the developer’s approach. The game’s lacking in structure, this has been happening since the release of New Light that brought revamped tutorial after which all players, new and old alike get thrown into the endgame. But enough ranting. Mercury is a beautiful place that’s been decorated by a race of alien and very smart machines. The stоry thаt Guаrdiаns will stаrt thеre will tell the story of a lost colonial ship thаt crashed thеre a lоt of winters ago and the only survivor that remained is the ship’s AI. Although it is also damaged. She and your ghost will have plenty of weird arguments. Oh wait, it’s another planet. Anyway, what you really want to buy Destiny 2 boost for this place is the content that happens there. Destiny 2 Mercury boost. Most notably Mercury hosted the main events of the Season of Dawn and Сursе оf Оsiris expansion. That content is soon to be gone. This means that all Destiny 2 weapons from there, Destiny 2 armor, and other related gear is going too. Back in the day, you’d go there just for leveling purposes, now – it’s all going to crap. No PvE and maybe even no PvP. Although what’s the point of removing the maps from PvP? Say goodbye to Sagira’s Shell. It’s a shell for your ghost which could be obtained through the CoO that is soon to be extinct. So we advise to buy Sagira’s Shell boost while you still can.

Destiny 2 Mercury has those Egyptian vibes

Additionally, we’d like to point your attention to Destiny 2 armor boost. Customization options that come with Sagira’s Shell boost aren’t the only thing that can be extracted. The CoO gave us several Destiny 2 exotics and a Destiny 2 catalyst for each of those and while most gamers used to play there just because it was new and to level up fast, Sagira’s ghost shell is a reminder of days long gone. Before you can say Light this will also be a memory and then all that will remain will be some youtube videos of people enjoying that content. You may be one of them. Preserve that memory, be the chosen one to relive all of that glory again with Shadowkeep boosting. For what it’s worth, some of the Destiny 2 best pvp weapons come from that same era. Yes, Destiny 2 meta changed a lot since then, but that’s even better in a way. Nobody uses the older best firearms which leaves you with a nice element of surprise on your hands. It doesn’t mean that old is worse. Old only means have forgotten and there’s the difference. Plus, where else are you going to find a cheap Destiny 2 carry service with professional staff. Whatever your plans are for the Autumn this year, remember about our account boosting capabilities at

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