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Destiny 2

The Menagerie

The easiest way to go Flawless.

The easiest way to go Flawless.

The Menagerie Farming


Heroic Menagerie Farming



Chalice Upgrade - Raid Access


Imperials Farm


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Why do I need a Destiny 2 boost of skills?

Destiny 2's fresh of the oven activity The Menagerie has already gained popularity with lots of gamers. In its core, The Menagerie is a mini-raid for six players with a new currency and lots of tempting rewards. It's a twisted maze of challenges that will test your and your teammates' skills to see if you're truly worthy. The key point in this activity is the Chalice of Opulence, 'cause basically everything in the event circles around it. While many players consider The Menagerie to be a perfect loot-farming activity, getting the best gear might be quite difficult. But that won't be an issue anymore if you get a proper Destiny 2 carry. Luckily for you, we have the exact thing you need. A couple of things, actually. If you buy Destiny 2 boost of skills from our Menagerie section, you can pick any offer you like: efficient runes and Imperials farming, The Invitation Quest or even of the whole activity completion so that you could just take pleasure in using all the looted gear and not rack your brains on how to get it. And while you're thinking if you should buy Destiny 2 boost or not (you definitely should), we'll give you a few insights about the D2's new event.

Season of Opulence carry offers, and How does the Menagerie actually work?

After setting your foot in the Menagerie for the first time, the main question that bothered you was probably this one: how to upgrade Chalice of Opulence? If you've already figured it out – good job, Guardian! If not, we rush to the rescue. To upgrade the Chalice you will need Imperials – that new currency we've talked about. And this is where our D2 Imperials farm boost might be of use to you. You won't need to gather them all by yourself, 'cause our professional players will gladly lend you a helping hand. This particular menagerie boost for Destiny 2 will get you Imperials for four weekly bounties at once and – as a cherry on top – powerful Legendary Gear. But to unleash the true potential of the Chalice of Opulence, you must perform some serious rune farming. Runes are necessary to get the trophies. By using different combinations you can receive various rewards, and our Chalice runes farm offer will help you do that without undue effort.

The Menagerie carry offers you might be interested in

It goes without saying that if you buy a Menagerie carry, it will save you a truckload of time. Another crucial problem (and the reason to use our service) is the team. Expert gamers and even not-so-experienced players will all agree if we say that gathering a good team of six can be a real pain in the... well, you know where. If you've ever faced this difficulty, you know how it can slow down the raid completion process, but hey, don't worry – from now on we've got you covered! We have only well-knit professional teams for whom even Heroic menagerie farm will seem like a piece of cake. Our skillful fireteam will help you complete all the stages and kill all the bosses, giving you the opportunity to learn and participate in all the epic battles by yourself. Go to and check out our offers. See you at the Menagerie!

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