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Luna's Howl Full Quest Completion

Get 6.95 USD back on your account after the purchase
Luna's Howl and Not Forgotten will be top of the line Pinnacle Weapons in spite of any balance coming or not.

Magnificent Howl is always going to be unique and magnificent, making these babies best for Guardians annihilation.
Free stream You can watch how your order will be done via stream
Daily updates We’ll keep you informed about the progress of your order
Custom schedule We play when it’s most comfortable for you

Important reminder: you may pay less for the service! It depends on your current progress in game. Just press the chat button and tell our manager about your progress. You’ll get a personal price with a discount.

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My current Glory rank is:

Estimated completion time: 32 hours
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Short description

  1. 10 level Masterwork Luna's Howl Legendary Hand Cannon
  2. MIDA Multi-Tool Catalyst (Not Forgotten Bundle)
  3. Tons of Legendary Crucible Gear and Weapons as post-matches drop (see gallery)
  4. For Glory Crucible Emblem
  5. Luna's Howl Crucible Glory Triumph

Carry Requirements:

– Forsaken Story Campaign completed (can be provided by our 50 LVL + Forsaken Story Completion offer)

– Legendary Hand Cannon

How your order will be done:

* Safe, handmade service without cheats, aimbots or macros of any kind. Always in “appear offline” mode, where possible.

Loot Distribution Policy

Why do I need Luna's Howl?

Luna’s Howl has rightfully earned its reputation of a highly stable, insanely accurate and perfectly balanced hand cannon. It is specifically effective in PvP due to its precision and excellent rate of fire. If you wanna improve your Crucible performance, our Destiny 2 Luna’s Howl is exactly what you need. Place an order, and one of our professional boosters will gladly obtain this Legendary baby just for you.

How to get Luna’s Howl?

Getting this Legendary is pretty simple. Luna’s Howl quest requires obtaining Fabled rank in The Crucible by earning 2100 points, and all of it will be done by our experts. You don't need to worry about any of Luna’s Howl quest steps – the whole completion will be under our control. You will get a masterworked hand cannon and a great number of Legendary items including gear and weapons plus MIDA Multi-Tool with the Catalyst if you choose the Not Forgotten Bundle.

Why should I use the service?

For more than three years on the market, we have worked with twenty thousand gamers and all of them are happy with our service. We have an impeccable reputation on the market due to our strictly handmade boosts and high-level security. Your Luna's Howl purchase will be perfectly safe, and the result is guaranteed after just four days.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How the service works?
  • What happens after the payment?
  • What does it mean to "find a player"? Aren't they ready?
  • How do I know if everything is ready? Do I need to ask for updates?
  • Who is the support team you are talking about?
  • Is it safe?
  • Can I trust you?

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