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Destiny 2: Iron Banner

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Destiny 2 Season of Dawn report about the recent reset

Jumping in with the weekly reset for the 24th of December. Of course, the Season of Dawn continues on this pretty festive week there are a couple of bits of content to talk about and, as always, remind you of our Destiny 2 carry services. By the way, Dawning is still in the game and for the first time in this season, we finally got Iron Banner, which is what we’ll be focusing today on. Got to say first, that initially, Bungie did say a few days back that we won’t be getting the iron banner bow they previewed in the road map image, but that’s something we’re all going to have to wait until next season for. For now, you can use the Destiny 2 Season of Dawn boost of skills to unlock everything else. Otherwise, the engram for this iteration of IB works pretty much the same as the other ones we’ve had. We have pinnacle bounties and there’s the Iron Truage 2.0 set. Not absolutely everyone is hyped to be picking that set up for the third time, but of course, you can get some very good enhanced mods and rolls from the iron engrams, which is much easier to do with Destiny 2 Iron Banner boost for improving your skills. At least you won’t need to complete the quest to unlock the new protection and the rest of the inventory all by yourself. Plus, from the database preview for the quest, the second step does require conclusive blows with scout rifles. So, if you’re wondering how to farm Iron Banner tokens Destiny 2, you should take a look at that quest as it’ll keep you long enough in the mode to get you those tokens.

The one Destiny 2 PvP mode that makes you angry

Around 2 years there was this method for fast Destiny 2 Iron Banner Tokens farm. Here is how it worked. Every time you play this mode you can see that you have these challenges like kill 5 enemies within one life, capture all zones in one match and so forth. These are very simple tasks, that can be done very fast. When you return the NPC, you’ll get around 15 tokens, then if you switch to another character, you can do the same, it’s very simple. As for the Iron Banner questline completion, which by the way gives you a full set of the IB armor and allows you to start turning in those tokens. The first quest step is related primarily to Guardian’s activity during the match. That means Super last blows counts as well as general competitors' losses and zones captured. The general tips within the IB that are going to help one complete all of the above and the quest steps coming after, because once you accept this little quest card it’s going to keep updating and changing within your quest log and offer a bunch of more steps along the way. Remember that you can always get the Destiny 2 Iron Truage set carry and skip all the fuss with the help of a trained pro. Anyways, remember that the light levels are enabled here, so the higher light level you are going in the more DMG you’re going to do to lower light lvl gamers and the more DMG you’re going to take from players of a higher light lvl than you. Try to pump your light level up as much as possible before going into the iron banner.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner hints

If you haven’t done all of your powerfulls for this week, perhaps it’s best to do them prior hopping into the IB. Furthermore, something that many Guardians forget – they take a shotgun out of the vault don’t check it’s light level and it’s 750, because they forgot to infuse it, so make sure that the loadout you’re going into IB with is as high of a light as possible. Don’t forget that you can buy iron banner bounties carry to speed up the moment when you actually get rewarded, as the IB tends to get pretty tiresome pretty quickly. In any instance, one last tip – don’t try to matchmake with a premade team of 6, because you will get matchmaked with another full team. Therefore, don’t do that with 5 other New Light players, because it will be a disaster. Queuing up solo isn’t such a bad idea either. Capturing zones are going to keep coming up. As soon as the match starts to run to either A or C depending on which side you’ve spawned on and get that free capture right off the bat. You’d surprised how many Guardians just run for B and that’s great and all and perhaps can create some map dominance and a little bit of spawn trap and all that stuff, but that ain’t going to help complete that quest step. That’s something our professionals know when doing another Iron Banner Season 9 gear carry. So, get that free capture on the bat. On top of that, the way the IB works is that if your team or the enemy team captures all 3 zones it’s going to lock them down for a little bit, so you can get extra points, but that should be your queue to get ready to capture another zone, because after only a short amount of time. All of that is going to help you get something that you want from the prize pool, but it’s much faster to buy Swarm of the Raven God roll because nailing that son of a gun down is very difficult.

Amazing Destiny 2 Season 9 boost of skills to get for Christmas

As a reminder for those who are doing the quests themselves – the quest has several steps, so the tasks are going to update once you do the first 3 objectives. The pulse rifle last blows could be the new objective for you. Therefore, you’re going to want to use a good pulse rifle, which ones are good? Well, you wouldn’t have to worry about it, if you just got the Destiny 2 iron banner armor boost of gaming skills. The same goes for the fusion rifle closing blows. The newer players might find ERENTIL FR 4 that is absolutely absurd. It does drop from the gunsmith, so it’s relatively easy to get in a sense that everybody probably has a ton of weapon parts to get loot from him, but the impact can be increased to the absolute max with liquid coils. There is also a year 1 of it as well which isn’t going to be too shabby and is going to work quite well too. If, for some reason, you don’t have these, then don’t worry – just grab the Destiny 2 carry service and be done with the quest. We hope that we’ve provided you with enough tips and advice to get you going in this not so casual game mode, but should you start to struggle, just pay us a visit at and we’ll sort you out.

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