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10000 GGR Gold Pack - $100 bonus on all services

1000 USD
900 USD
Get 45 USD back on your account after the purchase

Pay $900, and you'll get $1000 worth of services and goods. Turn your spending habit into a savings habit.

Let's say you want to purchase Luna’s Howl. As a registered user, you'll get 5% money back to your account from the purchase. Sweet. But with this Package, you'll double your profit and get a 10% bonus.

This sum would be enough for The Not Forgotten with Luna's Howl together and plus for Powerleveling one of your character. There is always at least one underlevelled poor fellow players never get around to. Dare say this is a common situation for you. Isn't it? It’s time to receive more from your spendings and get rewarded!

Best price guarantee! If you saw this service with a lower price, Click Here

How your order will be done:

  1. 10 000 GGR Gold Pack $1000 worth
  2. $100 bonus to your account (included in the pack)

What is GGR?

  • Making purchases on our website you get 5% from every dollar spent back to your account. Just like cashback on a bank card.
  • Imagine you are buying Luna’s Howl or 3 Raids Bundle for $300. $15 is instantly returned to your account, and you can spend them on any other boosts or services whenever you want. With GGR Gold Pack, you double the bonus amount and get 10% instead of 5% back to your account. Thus, the more you spend, the more you earn.
  • Our sales team is monitoring market and competitors prices on a daily basis to provide our customers with everyday best price. But we don’t want to dwell on giving you the “Best Price Guarantee” only.

Our goal is to do shopping with us enjoyable and recharging your balance as pleasant as getting a new Exotic or completing the Raid.

How your order will be done:

  • Sign up using your Facebook, Google or It's as easy as two clicks
  • Purchase GGR pack
  • You'll receive mail notification about successful order
  • Check your balance
  • Enjoy being the Legionfarm registered user. You can spend your GGR and save your money

Not sure what you may spend your GGR for? Our managers will help you to get the most out of your GGRs. We will analise your Guardians and pick up the best offers and deals exactly for you.

* Safe, handmade service without cheats, aimbots or macros of any kind. Always in “appear offline” mode, where possible.
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