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Exotic Engrams farm (per hour)

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If you ever tried to pursue that specific Exotic you put your eye on, you know how it may be exhausting to grind for hours, especially if you don't know the most efficient ways to do it. Luckily, the Forsaken DLC has couple of them. Save your time and trust this task to a professionals.

You’ll get:

  • Chance to get several Exotic Weapons and/or Armor Pieces (depending on amount of hours you order)
  • Note, that in Forsaken you don't have to decrypt your Engrams. When you pick it up, it instantly gives you an item. All them will be left in your Vault or on your character
  • Random gear and materials from activities where booster will be farming your Exotics
  • Remember, Exotics always drops with higher Power Level, so it's a great way to increase Power of your character as well

Please check our gallery for several new cool Forsaken Exotics items that may drop from Exotic Engrams. And this is still far from a complete list.

Best price guarantee! If you saw this service with a lower price, Click Here

Carry recommendations:

—  50 lvl, completed Story Campaign and Dreaming City unlocked. We are strongly recommend that. Exotics start to drop a bit often when your character at maximum level and have access to an endgame activities and it's a smart way to farm them there. We may provide this easily with our Story campaign completion offer.

—  We cannot guarantee any specific item with this offer. If you are looking for something specific, we have great deals in our Collections category.

Add extra farm hours with a discount:


Get these offers in a batch and save 15 USD



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