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Escalation Protocol Farm (all 7 waves)

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Extremely hard endgame activity with unique weapons, armor sets and vanity items. We guarantee you 7 waves run with unique rewards.

Escalation Protocol loot table:

Wave 7 Boss Weapon Rewards (depends on the boss this week)

  1. IKELOS_SR_v1.0.1 Escalation Protocol Exclusive Sniper Rifle
  2. IKELOS_SG_v1.0.1 Escalation Protocol Exclusive Shotgun
  3. IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.1 Escalation Protocol Exclusive Shotgun SMG

Wave 7 Boss Armor Rewards from additional chest (Cache Key REQUIRED!)

Escalation Protocol’s armor drops in a specific order, so players will not get repeats of the gear until they have acquired the entire set. The order is: class item, legs, arm, chest, helmet. The Escalation Protocol armor rewards will be granted for the character class that opened the chest.

Additional items

Chance to earn exclusive rewards for completing the third and fifth Escalation Protocol levels.

Mind your additional options for multiple runs with a discount!

If you want to collect the entire armor set for you character, it's a good decision to order 5 runs with a discount. Choose one run in a week, since you can obtain only one Cash Key a week. You can absolutely do this, just specify this to our manager. Thus you will not only get the entire Rasputin-ish armor set, but have a chance for several IKELOS weapons drops! If you want to grind as much as possible in one day, we can do as many runs in a row, as you want. It's up to you!

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How your order will be done

  • Once you place your order on the website we will assign a professional team that will fulfill the request
  • Our Fireteam with your Guardian will complete all 7 Waves of Escalation Protocol event
  • Note, you can order several runs with a discount and we can do one run in a week. Read more in the loot table section
  • IMPORTANT: You need at least one Encrypted Cache Key on your character to open the loot chest with exclusive armor piece from the final boss
  • One run takes approximately 1 hour

Carry Requirements:

  • 360+ Power Level (can be provided by our Power Level Boost service)
  • No special weapons or gear needed

Loot Distribution Policy:

We can't guarantee you specific weapon, gear piece or vanity item from the single run. You will sure get your unique loot, but it's random based, especially for cosmetics.

Increase your chances for more loot:


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