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Destiny 2: Season of Dawn

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Destiny 2 Season 9 brings lots of changes

We got some spanking-new news for our beloved game, courtesy of the Bungie weekly update that has just been released, unveiling official information. It’s definitely been a very big week for D2 and so here comes the following Destiny 2 boost of skills. But, first things first. The update is coming very soon – next reset, Tuesday, December 10th in fact. So much information came out on the content and features that will come to the game as well as some info on sandbox changes coming as soon as the season launches. That being said, on December 10th, not only new content will go live, but you are getting the correspondent Destiny 2 Season of Dawn carry service. The patch will buff some things and nerf other things, this goes as expected. Therefore, let’s get started off taking a look at the new and improved way of the Sharpshooter. A bunch of videos has been tweeted showcasing some of the new skills and perks coming to this subclass in action. All of the solar sub-classes for all 3 classes are seeing innovations and buffs. This means if you buy Destiny 2 Love and Death boost now, this rocket launcher will surely find it’s new life after the closest reset.

Destiny 2 New Light continues to do what it does best – bringing new players

As a teaser, they also showed to the funs the brand-new sticky knife. This is going to obviously compliment trip-mines in the way you may see in that little video, definitely check it out, because they make one-hit-kill traps. Another thing worth looking at is the bonus to “Knock them down” perk, that is going to get you precision kills and that’s going to ramp up the DMG of your super. It is demonstrated to have insane damage, which will go nicely if you buy Destiny 2 new weapons. Lastly, the brand-new one-hit-kill knife coming to the hunter that frankly has a faster charge-up that anyone could expect. Therefore, this thing could be really deadly, especially coming in pair with Destiny 2 Luna’s Howl. In any event, moving on to more changes. Bungie went over a bunch of different things like the power-level cap. Surprisingly this was not mentioned in the first full reveal of the DLC or the live stream following that, but they did say later on that the power-level cap is going up in the upcoming update. However, it won’t be as much as some may expect. The best thing to do here would be to buy D2 armor carry service and get dressed for the occasion. Seriously, though – you should have the best available gear to be able to rise to the new cap.

The shifts in favor of Destiny 2 carry service

The normal powerful cap is going up to 960 from 950. The pinnacle cap is also going by 10 from 960 to 970. That’s interesting, because those who have been doing their pinnacles and those who are already at 960, you’re going to be chasing pinnacle gear again. Starting from Destiny 2 Righteous armor set farm. That is definitely much less of a power-level increase that anyone would encounter in the past. It looks like this season and the one that’ll follow will have these little power-level jumps but will be more focused on getting gear and crafting builds, which is exactly what our Destiny 2 boosting service is for. Moving on from there, there are some modifications to rewards dropping with Season of Dawn. Firstly, they’ve increased the drop rate the Scourge of the Past from 5% to 10%. The two separate engrams have been collapsed into one fresh engram item. This engram will give an Exotic based on what you’ve been missing or instead of a piece of Exotic armor. This is a huge positive change because right now having a bunch of engrams doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to get anything decent out of them. For more further intelligence regarding the future of D2, stay tuned on

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