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Crown of Sorrow Raid

69 USD
49 USD
Get 2.45 USD back on your account after the purchase
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We're going to visit the unexplored part of the Leviathan to solve it's darkest secrets. Not to mention all the rewards you can get with Raid's completion - there are tons of powerful raid weapons and gear (amazing looks included).

Tarrabah Exotic Energy Submachine Gun is also may be acquired as a drop from the Raid.

Additional Raid options:

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You’ll get:

  1. Crown of Sorrow Raid completion
  2. Powerful Raid Armor
  3. Powerful Raid Weapons
  4. Raid completion Triumph
  5. High chance to get an Exotic
  6. Chance to get Tarrabah Exotic Energy Submachine Gun (Rng-based)
  7. A lot of Gear and Weapons that might drop during the service

[x] Offer Description

Beating Crown of Sorrow in D2

Season of Opulence's most brutal event, Crown of Sorrow is really sorrowful for those who come unprepared. Non-trivial gameplay and fierce boss encounters, including dreadful Gahlran, make this activity extremely challenging but fear aside, Guardian – with our Crown of Sorrow boost you will succeed in no time. Purchasing the carry grants you full completion of the raid and many loot drops alongside other enjoyable bonuses.

My rewards from Crown of Sorrow boost

Destiny 2 Crown of Sorrow boost guarantees you infinite riches: carrying your character through all the necessary steps of the whole Crown of Sorrow raid, acquiring multiple items of insanely high quality, like raid armor and weapons of Sorrow. Moreover, you are certain to get Triumph, and Tarrabah SMG with some other cool exotics are very likely to be obtained, too.

Is D2 paid help safe?

If it's your first experience with boosts, we must assure you: buying from us is totally safe and does not lead to any problems with your account. Our handmade boosting is perfectly legal and harmless, not to mention fast and reliable. Treat yourself to a new D2 experience – buy Crown of Sorrow full raid carry and let us make you victorious.

Carry Requirements:

  • 720+ Power Level (can be provided by our Power Level service)
  • No special weapons or gear needed

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