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Destiny 2: Catalysts & Masterworks

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Duality Catalyst Masterwork


Hard Light Catalyst


SUROS Regime Catalyst


Graviton Lance Catalyst


Prometheus Catalyst Masterwork


Trinity Ghoul Catalyst


Witherhoard Catalyst Obtain


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Dive deeper into Destiny 2 Season of Dawn with Legionfarm

It is hard to imagine the modern gaming industry without online-based projects. Yeah, multiplayer totally rocks, as it offers a many-sided experience and allows players to communicate with each other. Bungie might not have stood at the root of the genre but they certainly contributed a lot to sci-fi shooters with their Destiny franchise. When the first game in this series came out, people were thrilled to finally see an open-world FPS with such a good gaming process. Before D1, there were literally no games with such a perfectly balanced gameplay, and that’s what made it a huge hit back in the days. The time has passed, and now we’ve got a Destiny sequel that’s just as good as its predecessor. Eight seasons behind and counting. Now S9 is in full blossom, so why don’t you get yourself a Destiny 2 Season of Dawn boost to fully enjoy all of its content? New activities are mind-blowing, not to mention awesome armor and weapons. However, a lot of grind-related problems may arise. As we know, unlocking good stuff in D2 is incredibly time-consuming. Some quests may take months even if you play a couple of hours every day. What if we tell you that you can save all this time instead of spending it? Thanks to our Destiny 2 carry, it’s more than possible. Sitting back and relaxing while pro players grind the next top-notch gun for you? Easy peasy! Legendaries, pinnacles, exotics – all kinds of guns no matter the class can be yours. Just say a word, Guardian. Our pros will work day and night while you’ll be happy doing something else. You can buy Shadowkeep boost, any Season 9 carry or get help with some older content that you haven’t unlocked or received yet. For Legionfarm, there are no limits. And if you want to buy some Catalysts, take a look at the offers listed on this page. There are some pretty good options, aren’t there?

Best catalysts for Destiny 2 Shadowkeep and Season 9

Before we start explaining why our Destiny 2 exotic catalyst carry is the exact thing you’ve been looking for, let us get you up to speed with the general concept of a Catalyst. So, what kind of thing this Catalyst really is? Shortly speaking, it’s a must-have for those who want to make their exotic guns better. Catalysts modify your weapons improving their overall stats, giving them additional perks and various bonuses (like a damage boost, a huge mag size, etc). Not every exotic can be Masterworked through Catalysts. Moreover, you have to know the exact drop spots and deal with a bunch of objectives to farm what you need. It can be pretty tough if you ask us. And some of those Catalysts drops are not even announced yet. How to get Destiny 2 Wavesplitter upgrade, for example? We still don’t know the exact quest to follow, but rumor has it, you’re gonna have to land kills with your Wavesplitter. For what it’s worth, such an upgrade will be groundbreaking. As we know, this gun relies heavily on Orb collecting as it grants some serious power buffs. With the Catalyst, it’ll be able to produce Orbs on its own, which means constant damage buffs and auto reloads. Sounds pretty cool, huh? So, why don’t you buy a boost and let our pros grind this beauty out for you as soon as it’s added to D2? You may also get Destiny 2 Whisper of Warm carry for both gun and Catalyst obtainment, Lord of the Wolves, Eriana’s Vow, Outbreak Perfected, Bad Juju, Sunshot, Telesto, the Prospector, Suros Regime, Jade Rabbit, and many others. Our experts will complete all necessary objectives to unlock and equip the most effective Catalysts. If you buy Izanagi's Burden boost, they’ll land five hundred kills in the Menagerie on Heroic mode and get you an incredibly cool upgrade with an insane damage bonus.

Buy Destiny 2 Catalysts from us and forget about grinding

500 kills are a lot, and that’s just one of the simplest examples. Getting those Catalysts requires going through a ton of challenges and sometimes even chains of specific quests. A much better way to upgrade your guide is with our Destiny 2 carry service. Our experts can help you with anything you wanna get in D2. They know every trick and every loophole that’ll make the grinding process significantly faster. You can even see them in action – just tell us, and we’ll send you a link to a private stream. Moreover, we’ve got a really huge collection of Catalyst boosts – almost all of them and even those that are yet to be added. Take a look at what has to offer. We’re sure you’ll find a thing or two you like.

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