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4 Raids pack! You save 25%

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Scourge of the Past, Last Wish, Prestige Spire of Stars and Prestige Leviathan with 25% discount!

This pack suits every Guardian! A bunch of great Raid Weapons, Armor, Exotics, Legendaries, Tokens and vanity items within one day with the best price available.

Additional Raid options:

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You’ll get:

  1. Powerful Scourge of the Past Raid Gear
  2. Powerful Last Wish Raid Armor and Weapons
  3. Chance to get Anarchy Exotic Rocket Launcher
  4. Chance to get Thousand Voices Exotic Fusion
  5. Unique Wish no More Raid Emblem
  6. O Murderer Mine Triumph completion
  7. Spire of Stars Raid Lair Weapons
  8. Equitis Shade, Turris Shade or Insigne Shade pieces of armor.
  9. I’m Open emote
  10. Leviathan Raid Gear
  11. A lot of Emperor Calus tokens for you to level up your Emperor reputation for even more loot.
  12. Chance to get Emperor's Envy fusion rifle
  13. High chance chance to get Exotics

Carry Requirements:

Loot Distribution Policy:

Pay attention! All loot drops during the Raid is absolutely random. You will certainly get new Powerful Gear, but we can’t guarantee any specific item drops,

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