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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019): Weapons Unlock

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Kali Sticks Unlock


Dual Kodachis Unlock


Fennec Unlock





AS VAL Unlock





SP-R 208 Unlock





Striker 45 Unlock


ISO Unlock





The VLK Rogue Unlock


AH-94 Unlock





Rytec AMR


SKS Unlock


Renetti Unlock






PP19 Bizon






Origin 12








MK2 Carbine








Riot Shield


Combat Knife


.357 Magnum Unlock




.50 GS


RAM-7 Unlock



M4A1 Unlock Service


FR 5.56


Oden + Test Weapon with a Pro




FN Scar 17


AK-47 Unlock


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The whole new way of getting CoD MW Weapons Unlock

In a game like CoD, your awesomeness is determined not only by results and performance but also by your weapon collection. See for yourself – with the main action being focused on gunfights, guns turn into a pure essential that might make the only difference between life and death. Some weapons are granted to you for free, meaning you get them as soon as you start out, and some need to be earned or, more precisely, unlocked. CoD MW M4A1 unlock requires hitting lvl 6 and for collecting SA87 LMG, you have to be not lower than lvl 24. Some guns are really hard to get as they call for insane leveling, while others reside on low or middle levels and wait to be picked up by a hard-working player. No matter if you are a skilled sniper or rather prefer close-range encounters, Call of Duty Modern Warfare weapons arsenal will leave no one indifferent. You can experiment with weapon combos, try out different loadouts for every existing gaming mode to find out which one is the most preferable for a particular encounter. But before you begin playing around with your loadouts, you must collect a decent number of guns to choose from. And that’s where Legionfarm enters the stage. With us, your weapon collection will grow with tremendous speed! Buy CoD Modern Warfare boost of skills, let our experts guide you through the grinding and just enjoy playing your favorite game, while we will do whatever it takes to help you obtain the best guns in CoD.

A CoD Modern Warfare Weapon Carry from Legionfarm can work miracles

There is no doubt that this time, just like in the previous CoD parts, the devs have included some nasty weapon grinds for us to complete, and the best way to do that is by using our help options. Let us paint you a bigger picture to let you know what kind of opportunities you really have with Legionfarm. Let’s take Modern Warfare 2019 Kilo 141. This AR is one of the so-called default weapons that are given to users at the very beginning of their in-game journey. It’s a good gun to familiarize oneself with the class and it also shows pretty nice performance. But it can do better, a lot better. With the right attachments, this baby’s performance will skyrocket and it’ll easily compete with some high-tier guns in the endgame. How can you upgrade your Kilo to such heights? With the help of Legionfarm! With us, you’ll obtain all the necessary attachments and perks and equip them in the most appropriate way to ensure the top-notch stats. We can also help you unlock weapons that require certain leveling. To get CoD Modern Warfare 725 shotgun, for example, you must level up until you reach 17 and only after that you’ll be allowed to collect this shotty and put it to use. There are no limitations in terms of weapon items. It doesn’t matter how long and arduous the leveling is, our pros will help you perform it to the highest standard. CoD MW 2019 MP7 carry is not a problem, despite the fact that unlocking this particular SMG includes getting to the shocking height of lvl 54. Our experts will make it in a snap because they are skilled enough to take on any task. You’re free to buy AX-50 CoD MW sniper rifle, MG34 LMG, Origin 12 shotgun, .50 GS handgun, and any other gun that exists in the game. Explore the magnificent world of CoD guns and create your own loadouts to fit your preferences and personal playstyle.

Get the best guns with our Call of Duty Modern Warfare Boost of weapon-using skills

We offer you a nice and painless way to obtain any weapon you want and fully customize your loadout to outperform your rivals and defeat all kinds of enemies with ease. With our Call of Duty Modern Warfare AUG carry, you will get yourself a nice and deadly SMG, one of the most decent in the game. It’ll be especially effective at close range and due to its great mobility, it will not prevent you from moving fast and shooting accurately. If you are a fan of assault rifles, check out our AR offers. Buy M13 CoD Modern Warfare carry, and we will help you raise up to lvl 39 so that you could add this nicely balanced gun to your collection. The whole team of CoD pros is ready to start beating those leveling challenges as soon as you place your order. High-quality results, fast completion, and great support service are waiting for you on, so don’t miss your chance to experience a completely new CoD with no restrictions at all.


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