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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019): Weapons

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Kali Sticks Unlock


Dual Kodachis Unlock


Any AR Mastery Challenge


Any AR Skill Mastery Challenge


Any SMG Mastery Challenge


Any Handgun Mastery Challenge


AS VAL Unlock




Any SMG 1-72 Custom Leveling


Any LMG Mastery Challenge


Any Shotgun 1-52 Custom Leveling


Any LMG Skill Mastery Challenge


Any LMG 1-58 Custom Leveling


Any Melee Mastery Challenge


Striker 45 Unlock


The VLK Rogue Unlock


AH-94 Unlock




Rytec AMR


SKS Unlock


Renetti Unlock






PP19 Bizon






Origin 12








MK2 Carbine








Riot Shield


Combat Knife


.357 Magnum Unlock




.50 GS


RAM-7 Unlock



M4A1 Unlock Service


FR 5.56


Oden + Test Weapon with a Pro




FN Scar 17


AK-47 Unlock


Any Melee 1-50 Custom Leveling


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Discover CoD Modern Warfare Weapon unlocks

Modern Warfare is looking to push the boundaries for what fans know as a complete package. There is no denying that there is a lot coming that’s been proven by numbers that you can back up with fact. One last thing that was remained kind of a secret is weaponry. There have been a few leaks that indicate the absolute, insane depth of unlockable weapons, that’s going well above the scope of what was available in the beta version. It looks like the total number of guns is going to make this game a king among the CoD franchise. That being said, our Modern Warfare 2019 boost of skill is about not only improving your overall performance but also getting all those weapons. The guns are all divided into categories by their type, so we have things like assault rifles, SMGs, sniper and marksman rifles, LMGs and so on. During the beta time, there were 37 guns visible, but not necessarily playable. But according to the data mined by the fans, this not the full thing. It is suggested that on release most of the categories of guns will receive additional pieces, bringing in the total then of the most weapons at launch in Call of Duty history. So, CoD MW weapon unlock becomes a really engaging endeavor. All of the CoD Modern Warfare weapons, of course, have real-world incarnations, so no futuristic prototypes expected.

Modern Warfare 2019 Weapon Camos are all about realism?

Data leaks also extend what fans know about Call of Duty MW weapon camos. Similar to the game’s overall theme of the actual modern warfare and conflict, weapon skins are also made to look realistic and tactical. However, a pink “camo” has been seen too, so there’s still plenty of variety. In fact, the pink skin was noticed by one of the players, who killed an opponent who had a gun with this gun. The thing is that no skins were supposed to be available in the beta version, since this is never a top priority for such early game version, however in this particular instance not only the presence of skin was strange. The camo itself was on the gun that was not supposed to be in the beta version either. One can only wonder what Modern Warfare golden camos might look like in the game. The golden muzzle on FAMAS teased what might look like the coolest weapon skin. Whether pink camo reflects realism and therefore should be in the game or not is up to you of course. After all, creative freedom should always be there in the game, and it shouldn’t break the immersion and as for Modern Warfare golden camos, they are just visuals for your favorite guns and they can’t change the gameplay in any sense. Now, let’s talk about what it is that we really offer here.

CoD MW boosting services for everything

CoD MW 2019 weapon camo boost is just one of many services available for this upcoming game. Anything related to unlocking and leveling is there as well. It is not known yet, how the skins will be obtained, it could be via supply drops or something else. In the case with golden skins, there will most likely be challenges to complete. These challenges could be whatever you may think of. Besides the fact that the whole unlocking thing is sharable between MP and Spec Ops modes, one could only speculate on this topic. Thankfully, it’s confirmed that the game won’t have any loot boxes, which means no unnecessary gambling for money items. Whatever it may turn out to look like in the game, all will be possible to access with the help with what we offer. Not only the skins but also you can have someone teach to play the game better. If you feel like you want to get really competitive, you’ll be able to hire a personal coach through our services. Sometimes, it's better to play with an experienced player in your team who’s got your back every time, than hope that your random allies will make themselves useful. For more on this keep checking the game’s page on our website –

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