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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019): Weapon Camos

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CoD MW Weapon Camos 2019 are getting more and more in numbers

In this game, each weapon had around 103 skins at release. And that’s just the start. When the battle pass comes, out there will be more, but you’ll be ready. You know how? With the Call of Duty Modern Warfare boost for skills from Legionfarm, of course! A little bit of info here about how you can select a skin – it’s done in the Gunsmith menu. Select a gun, switch to customize option, and you’ll see a bunch of empty slots, one of them would be camos. Each particular one is unlocked by performing a certain task, some of them are simple like getting your gun to a certain level, but higher tiers require more skill and commitment. Sure, it’s fun to have something to work towards, but hey, do you really want to sweat your pants? If not – use the CoD MW Weapon camo carry. Depending on the type of weapon, the number of headshots for the top-tier camos varies just like the other tasks. Then add those from the new battle pass to this mix, and you’ll start to understand why gamers sometimes buy Modern Warfare camo boost to improve their fighting skills along the way. Taking all of the above into consideration, weapon skins are really fun, even in this grim, military game. Just look at that pink panther camo.

Learn how to get a CoD MW Weapon Camo

By now, you should’ve realized that the camo system is perhaps one of the biggest renovations in the game compared to the previous CoD parts. The challenges themselves are vast in their number and vary in difficulty. The weapon camos can be acquired for the following classes:

  • Assault Rifle
  • Submachine Gun
  • Shotgun
  • Light Machine Gun
  • Marksman Rifle
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Handgun
  • Launcher
  • Melee Weapon

The most challenging ones are the mastery ones that deal with Golden, Platinum or Damascus camos. To treat yourself to a CoD MW LMG platinum camo, for example, you’d need max out every LMG in the MP. It means that before starting to grind out the Platinum, a Golden camo for each of the existing guns in the class is demanded. It’s safe to say that this task is a lot less arduous with our services than grinding with the loadout you might not even like. Speaking of, you may also buy Golden Camos CoD MW to shine bright on the battlefield. Many pros are already working towards this goal or have already obtained these, so if you see one on the battlefield, it means that the guy probably hasn’t slept in a week farming those challenges or something along those lines. Why bother with all of that if you can just go ahead and get what you want? ‘Cause damn, it’s even worse with the Damascus one! For that, you’ll face the challenge of getting Platinum camos for all weapons in CoD, regardless of the type. All of them. Or simply purchase that CoD MW Damascus camos boost, and the grind will be out of your hair in no time. The same applies to any other camo in the game – if you want it, we can help you get it with the CoD MW weapon camo unlock.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Boosting Service for looking tactical and cute

To be impartial, the word camouflage isn’t used correctly in the game, ‘cause what we actually have are just different prints. Modern Warfare Damascus camo unlock or any other high-level one, those would be material changes to the gun, or at least they could be. The real weapon coat starts from the macro pattern – a cloth with little blotches with small color parts that form the pattern. But that’s just the base. On top of that base, additional materials are used to simulate leaves, branches and everything else depending on the type of the terrain the weapon is being camouflaged for. The paint is rather a minor change, but can still be useful. Especially well the paint serves in the environment where one tone prevails. Like desert paint in deserts, or simple black for night missions. Our CoD Modern Warfare carry service lets you unlock more non-traditional variations like pink camos. They are less tactical for sure and wouldn’t be used in real combat, but in the game they sure let you look as fancy as ever. For more on that, check out

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