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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019): Play with Pro

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The exciting new changes and good old CoD MW Play with Pro service

Have you been enjoying the game lately? Do you ever get a feeling like the gameplay gets stale after a while? No, this isn’t one of those stupid TV commercials where we’ll try to sell you a pill that’s going to turn you into an e-sports champion on a local scale. Besides the game keeps on getting content updates and just recently a new season has started, bringing us the even more reasons to fight. The return of the most lovable, background hero in all of the franchise, for the exception Cpt. Price, our friendly Ghosts is back on the battlefield. This season is great for trying CoD Modern Warfare carry. Let’s go over some of the bigger changes in this new season and see how this may affect your gameplay. There’s a lot of really new stuff. But the very first change that you’ll notice is at the same time the most important one. In the main menu, there is a new option that says “Classified”. There’s a lot of rumors going on around it but the best answer to it may be that it’s going be a battle royale mode, the one that is rumored to also come out as a separate free to play the game. That mode could potentially completely change the way of how to play CoD MW 2019. Not that this is out of the way, let’s talk about the new season pass. The free unlocks that you are going to see in there are the two new weapons. But there are some other big changes to weapons as well directly related to CoD Modern Warfare Coaching.

It’s never been a better time for trying out the CoD MW LFG

The changes are concerning pistols. There’s a brand new perk Akimbo that lets you use any pistol in the game in duo, meaning having one gun per arm. Unlocking this perk depends on a certain gun. Also with the launch of season 2, there are a bunch of new game mods, which means your Cod Modern Warfare stats window will add a few lines. First of all, you’re going to notice the realism ground war. There’s now a hardcore version of GW. On top of that, there are new gunfight 3v3 with snipers only. Finally, there’s a new quickplay filter that’s called CoD League. Essentially what this is is you play League maps with the rules with certain weapons and attachments disabled that you can’t normally use in the SDL. The thing is there is no ranked play with it, but it’s a good way to try our CoD MW LFG program. That’s the closest you can get to playing in a real tournament with a team of pro players. The two new maps are certainly worth your attention. Specifically, Rust. This is the smallest map in the season so far. The second new 6v6 map is called Atlas Superstore which is a little bit bigger than Rust. There is, of course, a new GW map in the abandoned airship site. So now with the new maps, you going to want to find a new CoD Modern Warfare weapons guide.

CoD MW Coaching – get through the new content and balance fixes like it’s nothing

Some big changes happened to perks within the game. Not going to go through all of the changes, but some of the overused perks got nerfed. Ghost, for instance, and Battle Hardened got a really big buff. Weapons like the Crossbow got a buff along with some other specimens as well. For the time being no further big updates are on the horizon and therefore everything will stay like that, which is the perfect time to Play with Pro in CoD MW. There’s lots of new stuff to work toward, like the new battle pass, which you don’t even have to buy. The free variant still offers lots of great things. Then there’s the matter of preserving your rank after all these balance changes. This is the best time to either start to play the game or come back to it and get better. And you get better with only one thing and that’s Play with Pro in CoD MW. The game is super fast-paced despite the desire of the devs to make it slower and realistic. It gets chaotic pretty quickly and in all this chaos it’s nice to have a friend from who has your back and can help you win the day.

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