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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019): Perks

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CoD MW Perks have more uses than you thought

The pick 10 and pick 13 systems from previous installments have been completely balled up and thrown to the trash. Instead, the game wants you to go back to the old-school way of doing things where you always get a primary, you always get a secondary, a tactical, a lethal and a field upgrade. That’s your constant loadout scheme, the one for which top perks in CoD MW 2019 are made. On top of this, you always get 5 attachments on your specific weapon. The good news is – there is no perk required. That goes for primary and secondary. A lot of gamers compare field upgrades to specialist perks from earlier games, but they are really nothing alike. But that’s not the topic. Just like in the classic CoD game you know and love, there are 3 perk slots. For the first slot, there are things like CoD MW Double Time, which triples the duration of the super sprint and refreshes sprint on kills. Super sprinting is when you lift up your gun and run at a very fast pace. This is great if you need to get into the action quickly if you’re just trying to escape a gunfight when you’re not ready to engage in. Keep in mind, that with every gun attachments and perks you run always comes down to personal preference. That being said, if you’re looking for the best cod mw m4a1 perks and you don’t know which ones there are, you’ve come to the right place. Other cod mow 2019 perks let you track your enemy movements, or increase the charge of your field upgrades.

Get the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Carry to upgrade your arsenal with tactical perks

There is a lot of choices that let you go completely tactical and play the match your way. Our Call of Duty Modern Warfare boost for your skills is here to help you with that. For instance, Shrapnel is the tier 3 perk, which implies it goes into your third perk slot. It does two things – it is going to give you one extra piece of lethal equipment and it will delay the enemy health regeneration when you hit them with explosives. This means if you’re running shrapnel not only you can carry two claymores, but if someone lives through your claymore, it enables you to just jog over where your claymore was, find the guy, pop them ones or twice in the foot and they’re done. So, go ahead and buy cod mw sniper perks pack which includes this and another perk that’s great for campers. That’s Restock. Now, it might seem like it’s not worth getting the cod modern warfare perks boost for, but the thing about this is that a tier 2 perk will refill your equipment every 30 seconds. That doesn’t sound so special on the surface, but take a second to think about how this game plays out right now. It’s very slow, methodical, people are sitting in rooms with claymores. Now go ahead and add this perk to the mix, where you could infinitely recharge your claymores, so you could just keep catching people over and over. You can buy cod mw perks boost to unlock this and other useful tricks to add to your loadout. To be clear, this offer is simply an external help from our pro gamers.

CoD Modern Warfare 2019 Perks Boost is for every type of perk

There are many perks to favor the aggressive playstyle too. Everyone knows how OP the tactical equipment in MW is. Flash and stun grenades, EMPs, bouncing betties, claymores. You can chuck all of these grenades miles away. That being said, Battle Hardened cod mw is a really good choice for people that don’t really want to deal with being hit by flashing grenade and then being totally out of the action for 5 seconds or so. When you get hit by stun after that you have to deal with this slow-mo movement for what feels like forever. This perk will reduce the effects of flashes, stuns and EMPs. And while aren’t exactly the commonplace in the game right now, flashes and stuns – they’re everywhere! You never know one is going to drop right under your feet. So if you just get tilted like crazy when your movement is impeded, go ahead and get that CoD MW carry service and unlock that perk. Many of the weapon perks are universal, meaning you’ll see them on literally every single gun in the game. However, there are a few that you’ll only see on certain weapons. The focus perk, for instance, the one that reduces your flinch – only available for sniper and marksman rifles. There is a big space for the devs to add more and more very specific cod mw gun perks. With things like health regen, there is a perk called Frangible which delays that regen after a hit. You might not notice this in fast-paced game modes, but it normally takes around 5 seconds to fully recover from getting shot. That perk increases that time to more than 10 seconds, which is a lot. Learn more about the perks and their uses on our website –


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