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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019): Obsidian Camos

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Use the CoD Modern Warfare boost or farm until a stroke!

Until very recently nobody really wondered how to unlock Obisidan camo. But after the mid-season patch, gamers received the new object of obsession. When there’s a camo that is locked from using, it’s hard to ignore it. Even if it doesn’t look as everybody imagined. We all had a vision for what the new camo would look like. Naturally, some expectation hasn’t been met. Regardless of that, we can’t stand having something unavailable in our game, can we? We need to talk about individual weapon categories for Obsidian Camo boost. While the two smallest maps in the game are great for the manual grind, they only work to a certain extend for some firearms. As far as AR goes, there’s no need in doing anything fancy. If you are playing on those small maps, set up the build around speed and aggression. So, having things like:

  • no stock,
  • the stippled,
  • grip tape,
  • a shorter barrel

all of those are going to be ideal. Of course, for hardcore fans, that can also work very well there too for most maps, since you’ll be hitting one-shots very frequently there. A quick side note here, hardcore is definitely viable for the challenge and will make kills easier, but it is also going to implement the risk of you dying more as well. Since all of the participants have lower health as well. But that’s just the little things. The big thing is the Modern Warfare obsidian camo.


Obsidian Camos will always be hard to come by

For SMGs, speed and aggression should be the focus there. The best tactic is to be rushing around a lot, going for as many kills as there can be. The class is perfect for this playstyle as is. LMGs are basically the same scenario. For melee obsidian camo unlock, the knife is easier than the shield. Just run with stuns and also have the shield on the back and just try to go ham on those smaller maps. For this one, stick to core, that way, the headshot are less likely as a knifer makes his way towards the enemy team. For the pistols, outside of the 357 and the 50 GS just play hardcore to make things way easier. Especially hardcore on Shipments if there’s such option because it’s better to fly through the challenges there. Or buy handgun obsidian camo boost which is even easier. The Riot Shield, honestly, run hardcore for it as well. Just be patient with this one. It’s going to be a struggle. Go for Shipments and cheese the spawns. This will surely be the least enjoyable out of everything there is for the grind. Shotguns, much like SMGs, are going to thrive on shipment especially. They’ll be pretty solid on Shoot House too. If not – shotgun obsidian camo carry will be thou saviour.

Modern Warfare carry could be your best choice

Those methods are the fastest for each type of firearm. Just focus on smaller maps, play aggressive, don’t back out of matches and eventually you will have in unlocked. Since it is a kill threshold challenge, there’s really only so many things you can do to actually speed it up. The grind isn’t very exciting. The challenges themselves offer more of a sense of accomplishment. A monotonous process comparatively that is just best avoided at all costs. Try Modern Warfare obsidian camos carry – the new category of offers. Unlocking Obsidian demands to sink some serious time into it, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Again, tasking you with different levels of tediousness, depending on whatever classification of firearm you’re using, is wrong and far from the concept of a fun activity. It’s going to take you a while even taken into consideration how efficiently you manage the time in the game what is chosen to play. On average it’s going to take roughly 6 hours in-game of solely going for a single instance of camo. Lobby surfing, playing kill-heavy matches to maximize time. For the casual player that’s going to be tough. And it’s going to be a lot to devote to. So, really it comes down to either using Modern Warfare carry services from us or finding out on your own whether the camo is worth it. If you don’t think it’s cool, why would you put the time in? And on this note, we’ll leave it up to you. Come around to and make the right decision!

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