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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019): Golden Camos

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A bunch of words about CoD MW 2019 Golden Camos

Weapons have always been the core element of any shooter, and the CoD series is not an exception. The gameplay mostly focuses on obtaining certain guns, upgrading them and using them to eliminate AI enemies and real-life opponents. However, aside from unlocking the weapons themselves, you’re treated to one unique customization option. We, of course, are talking about camos – a special kind of paint that allows you to alter the way your gun looks. All in all, there are around a hundred different skins but that’s not where the real grind lies. It starts when you take on the so-called Completionist challenges: Golden, Platinum, and Damascus. The first one from this list is the initial stage and it’s considered to be the easiest out of three, but anyway, it might pose a problem. That’s why we recommend turning to the CoD MW Golden camo carry from our service. It’s fast and extremely efficient – it’s proven to take less time than grinding for camos on your own even if you are a relatively skilled player. You may wonder why? The thing is, our experts have already unlocked those camos lots of times; they know exactly what to do and how to do it in the most effective way. This is the reason you should choose the CoD Modern Warfare Golden camo boost over unlocking the skins on your own. Let the professionals help you take care of your weapon looks. No matter what weapon type you’re going after, we can assist you in getting you anything from LMGs and Launchers to Assault Rifles Golden Camo Unlock. The times when you only dreamt of cool weapon skins are over, ‘cause now you can have them and you can use them, showing everyone how stylish and proficient you are!

Unlocking CoD MW Golden Camo

If you buy CoD MW Golden camo from us, how exactly are we gonna help you unlock it? According to the in-game rules, Golden skins can be collected when you complete all the existing basic assignments. In other words, you must get all camos that are presented in CoD. It sounds incredibly time-consuming and it really is, but not if you turn to Legionfarm for help. We’ll give you a simple example. Let’s say, you get the AX-50 CoD MW boost. Our expert guides you through leveling your sniper rifle (which is done by landing kills with it) and by doing so, you together unlock all basic camos along the way. It means you’ll receive not less than 100 various mind-blowing skins for your AX-50 and like the cherry on top, become a happy owner of a Modern Warfare 2019 Golden boost. That’s just one example, but you can choose any gun you want, and we’ll start grinding for that camo right away. We’ve also set a fixed price for every weapon class. It doesn’t matter if you buy CoD MW SMG Golden Camo carry or want our pros to help you level up your favorite shotgun – in any case, we guarantee fast completion and reliable services that do not cost a fortune.

Other Call of Duty Modern Warfare Boost of skills and camo options

As we’ve mentioned earlier, all existing weapon classes can be upgraded to get a Golden camo. Handgun Golden Camo carry, for instance, is valid for M19 as well as for X16, 1911, and .357. However, each camo for each particular gun must be unlocked separately. We’ll explain in detail: for example, you’ve got two SMGs, MP5 and AUG, and you’re after a badass Reptile pattern. In order to collect it, you’ll have to do the quest (which is to make kills without any weapon attachments equipped) with your MP5 and then, go the same way but with AUG. The tasks themselves are not really difficult but they are horribly time-consuming and that’s why a lot of CoD users turn to pro help. Imagine: you buy CoD MW M4A1 carry and instead of suffering a tedious grind, you learn from the best and enjoy collecting all necessary camos together with a real pro, which is a lot faster than doing the same thing solo. There’s nothing bad in that: you do what you like and let others do what they like and are capable of doing exceptionally well. CoD Modern Warfare Kilo 141 skin, Origin 12 Golden camo, a new look for your MG34 – just take your pick and get the job done! Paint your favorite guns gold, shine brighter than others, and be the one who stands out from the gray crowd.

Legionfarm will make obtaining Golden Camos CoD MW easy and pleasant

Buying a CoD MW Assault rifle boost of shooting skills and any other one presented on our website is ridiculously easy. You won’t come across annoying popping ads and won’t have to follow dozens of sub-links to finally make your purchase. Everything you need is already on the page. Just click on the offer, read the description, if you have questions then feel free to use our Chat and talk to a Support team member about a given Call of Duty Modern Warfare golden camo carry. After that, when you’re certain that this is the exact carry you’d like us to provide, you add it to your personal cart and simply proceed with the payment. And voila, consider it done! Now your order is in our database and we are starting working on it. Finding a proper pro player might take some time, but as soon as they are assigned, it’ll be just a matter of days till your request is completely fulfilled. With, you can be sure to get only a high-quality result and impeccable service, so why wait, buddy? CoD camos are waiting for you!



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