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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019): Damascus Camo

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CoD MW 2019 Damascus Camos is the true endgame goal in MP

In recent years the max camo in CoD has been considered to be the major grind in each game it’s been a part of, but when you compare the Damascus camo grind here in modern warfare to the grinds of dark matter, chrome camo black sky, and whatnot, it is just not even close. The Damascus camo this year is without a doubt the end-all-be-all unlock in the game and it is the most difficult camo grind that you’ve ever seen in CoD history. Which is exactly why we’ve made available this CoD MW damascus camo carry. Let’s go over what you can expect in terms of how long it’ll take to complete yourself. Apparently, according to some of the developers from Infinity Ward, they said on average it’ll take roughly 18 hours to earn a gold camo on just one out of 39 available weapons alone. So, by that math, 39 guns at 18 hours apiece are going to equate to a total of 702 hours or roughly 29.2 days of playtime. Therefore our CoD modern warfare damascus camo boost is far more superior to the grind that awaits you in the game. Plus, chances are that not every gun is going to take 18 hours of grind, some of them will take even longer. Do you really want to spend that much time on a skin? Acquiring cod modern warfare damascus camo with us is the most solid bet. What’s more the grind in question is not just for killing enemies using the chosen weapon, oh no, no. Each weapon category has 10 different types of trials you’ll need to complete with some overlapping all the categories and some being exclusive to certain weapons.

Not only the CoD MW Damascus Camo is hard to get

The easiest task for these modern warfare max camo is the overall kills and these are just straight up kills using whatever weapon you’re on and this is one that you really don’t have to focus on because as you’re doing all of the other challenges, this one will be progressing in the backgrounds. All of that being said, keep in mind the number of hours required to get even the golden skin. You can buy modern warfare dark matter boost to obtain an even rarer camo type for a gun which will definitely take even more time to farm by yourself. Some of those challenges involve getting headshots and while there are guns that are very easy to use for this kind of kills, there are certainly those weapon types where the bloody headshot tests will be the last thing you’ll need because they’re just not made for this kind of playstyle. Being, the most notoriously difficult type of camo to obtain in the entire game to buy modern warfare 2019 damascus camo means to save who knows how many hours of tirelessly farming these stupid challenges. Mounting kills, for instance, are definitely something you will have to go out of the way for since you’ll do best to mount on ledges or walls in high-traffic areas. Surely, modern warfare dark matter carry can solve that for you.

Ain’t nothing simpler than the Call of Duty Modern Warfare damascus camo carry

That being said, if you’re just sitting in your spawn area mounted on a barrier you’re probably not going to be getting a lot of kills. Whereas, if you’re mounted by the center of the map or by one of the main flags in domination, you’re going to be finding a ton more enemies to actually pick off. Of course, such a challenge will require you to slow down your pace of play a lot, but when you focus on mounting wherever you can it really shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish. If you got the patience, that is. To obtain that cool cod modern warfare diamond camo you don’t have to change your playstyle at all. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be burning through hipfire challenges left and right unless you’re just playing with a controller that has a broken left trigger because that only makes sense at that point. There are many other weird requirements that you’ll have to be dedicating your own time on unless you decide to leave all that to our cod modern warfare carry service. Honestly, what could be simpler than picking up an offer from and watching someone else teach you the tricks?


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