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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019): Coalition Operators

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CoD MW Coalition Operators Boost – meet the crew

Alright, here is the drill – there are two main powers in the world and they can talk as much as they want about this war being so grey and all, but you know who are the good guys here – the Coalition. Stop pretending that Allegiance has anything good in them, that’s not democratic. Anyway, this is the CoD MW 2019 boost of skills that will not only help to improve the way you play but also get to know some of the best operators of the organization. Here is the list of Coalition operators:

  • Thorne
  • Golem
  • Otter
  • Wyatt
  • D-Day
  • Raines
  • Alice
  • Domino
  • Charly

Some of the names you might recognize while others might seem new to you, that’s a-okay. The reason you might not know how all of them look is you must prove yourself on the battlefield to earn the right to meet them. However, we offer an exclusive opportunity – the CoD MW operators boosting. It’s going to help you get noticed faster and therefore you’ll get to work with the new faces sooner rather than later. We’d suggest starting to broaden your circle of trusted operators with the CoD MW Thorne boost. Once you’ve made your acquaintance, you might be interested in meeting all of them. As for the background, our mister Thorne here is a SAS operative. Known as Union Jack to his comrades, he served under Cpt. Prices command for 3 years, but then he got cheeky.

Discover the unique backstories with CoD Modern Warfare Operators Carry

One of the coolest ones is the Demon Dogs subdivision. Have a look at the CoD Modern Warfare D-day operator carry. This one is obviously from the USA, but more importantly, he’s West Texas native, so you know what attitude he has. The dude served in Army Rangers in Afganistan. He has a pretty unique equipment gear on him, you may see the two types of headsets, the earbuds allowing him to have to separate channels. Presumably one for local communication and the other for the officers’ communication. More CoD MW 2019 coalition operators include Alice who actually recruited our boy D-Day to serve in Demon Dogs, that’s what we know about her. Now, Raines is from Chicago, he was suspended from high-school for protecting some nerd. He’s a self-learned scholar of antiquity, joined the brave Marines. Served two tours, one in Iraq and another in Afganistan as a Raider. So you know he means business. Raines has similar comtacs to D-Day’s with the holes in the ears. He is actually carrying an extra set of comtacs with the full ear coverage on his chest. On his plate you can see the American flag, of course, the blood type badge, the tactical knife is located behind the stock of his gun and there’s also a tactical helmet on the back. When you get cod modern warfare operators unlock you can also choose to get more skins for them, making them look different.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Coalition Operators are the coolest ones

A Scottish operative is Charly. She was actually raised in Africa with her daddy shooting smugglers in Tanzania, so she’s an expert tracker. She passed the selection for the SRR. Among her achievements, she helped to liberate the ceased CIA safe house earning a friend called Kate Laswell. So, you can buy Modern Warfare Charly operator boost and track your enemies like a pro. It’s great that all characters have their individual backstories that connect and intertwine with each other and the main story plot. This creates a sense of, well, connection, to the events that happen in the universe of the game in both modes. So when you go into battle in MP, you are going to be able to select someone not only based on how you like the appearance, but many someone’s backstories will seem appealing and relatable to you. And that’s what is really important for cod modern warfare all operators. Not to say that it adds a fair bit of realism that adds to the atmosphere along with the realistic maps, authentic guns and so on. The only thing that may fall out of the rule here are the names of the weapons which aren’t exactly correct, but by knowing at least some of the most popular names in the real world, it’s easy to guess what is what. If you liked what we talked about here, find more offers on

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