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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019): Blueprints

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CoD MW 2019 Blueprint boost unlocks unique gun variations

Something that is brand new to the CoD franchise, but there is no explanation of how it works. We’re talking about blueprints and the CoD MW blueprint carry. If you go from the main menu of the MP to the weapons tab and scroll down to the last option that says Armory – browse your weapon blueprints and weapon mods. If you click there you will see all of the blueprints you have currently. If you just got the game, the only way to have those plans is to get them as a bonus from a specific edition of the game, to get more you could use our CoD modern warfare blueprint boost for skill improvement and gun unlocking. Acquiring those blueprints is done via completing the challenges and some of the loot rewards will be what you seek. Although it is very hard to decipher. Nowhere on the screen will it say that the reward will be the scheme itself, all it gives you a picture of the gun and its name. So you’d have to assume that you won’t get the gun itself, but merely a blueprint to create one. Kind of confusing, isn’t’ it? What’s not confusing at all is how you can get all blueprint cod modern warfare 2019 from us. Speaking of redundant menus, that Armory screen has no other purpose but to show a preview of a gun by a design. So if you want to, per se, do the Piercer SMG Blueprint unlock, which you can get from us, you’d need to go to another menu where you actually select the weapons and pay close attention to the right side of the gun option. If there are an arrow and a number next to it, it means that you have a scheme available for that gun. Here is a quick tease of all of those schemes:

  • Piercer Submachine Gun
  • Urban Defiler Handgun
  • Union Black Assault Rifle
  • Standard Issue Machine Gun
  • Judgment Shotgun
  • Feeling Rusty Submachine Gun
  • Steel Curtain Assault Rifle
  • Plague Sore Sniper Rifle
  • Ending MIsery Marksman Rifle
  • Old Wounds Light Machine Gun
  • Heat Cycle Submachine Gun
  • Smoothbore Shotgun
  • Smooth Dominator Assault Rifle

Learn more about specifics of CoD MW Blueprints

Now you know how to get blueprint cod mw – via completing multistage challenges where the last reward is more than often a blueprint, although it doesn’t specifically say so. The cool thing about these guns is that some of the hop-on are actually unique to the design and cannot be changed to something different. Whether it is a good thing or a bad one, is up to you, but you can’t deny the fact that it’s kind of a cool idea. So remember that you can run through those pesky challenges and just buy cod modern warfare blueprint boost. There is another awesome aspect to the blueprints – is that even if you don’t have the base weapon for which you have the modification unlocked, you can still equip the design version! It’s a good time to talk about some specific guns and blueprints, for instance, one for the LMG. This particular mission has 9 stages, the gun comes with 5 attachments on it. There could be a bug where the gun itself shows up to have camo or skin on it, but for some reason, it might not appear in the game, so beware of that. There is, of course, an option to buy CoD MW Old Wounds LMG Blueprint from us. If you more into close-quarters fights, you’ll like the 725 pump action gun with a Judgement blueprint. The missions that you need to do for it are nasty. Things like getting 25 kills with Molotov cocktails, proximity mines kill and so forth. Getting kills with these are not always easy, but thankfully, there is a better way – just grab the Judgement Shotgun Blueprint carry service and leave the rest to us.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare blueprint carry is very simple and fast

We mentioned Piercer SMG earlier, because this design is so great, for the fact that the base SMG only unlocks on lvl 54, which is a lot, but with this offer of ours, you can start using the gun even from lvl 1! So, go see some more call of duty modern warfare blueprints boost and see which one you fancy most. Also, there is a rarity or quality characteristic of the blueprints. The rarer the model the more attachments it will have on the gun. So, that’s all there is to it. It seems that the blueprints are meant to be a method of getting unique variations of guns, but it looks like they’ve not finished the implementation of it and integration with other menus, which is why they seem so confusing. Whatever it is, we can get you any blueprint with our cod modern warfare boosting service. The process is really simple, all you got to do is select an offer that you like from our website –, pay for it and the rest will be taken care of.

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