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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019): Achievements

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Discover CoD Modern Warfare Boost of skills for in-game trophies

Every game these days has a list of trophies so as the new CoD MW. On September 22nd, the list of Call of Duty Modern Warfare achievements was revealed to the public, most of them are granted simply for progression, but there are quite a lot of challenging ones as well. That’s why we introduce you Call of Duty MW 2019 achievement carry service. If you want to collect all of the trophies – this is your best opportunity to do so. If you consider yourself a completionist, you’re in the right place. But if you don’t know what achievements are for, here is a little excurse to the history of gaming. The first prototype of achievements was added to the Atari 2600 game system more than 35 years ago. These were additional challenges that were listed in an official manual for the game. A player who would complete them all, would take a picture of the screen on the photo camera as proof of completion and sent it straight to Activision. In return, the company would send a guy a real patch made out of some fabric that would resemble his or her achievement. Of course, this is not how these things work today and you won’t get a patch, not even with the CoD MW achievement boost that boosts your ability to acquire those little achievments. There were later iterations to trophies that made today’s gaming experience how we know it.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Achievements and where it all began

Somewhere at the start of the 90s another game called E-Motion developed for Amiga system introduced a set of secret bonuses. Unlike the predecessor, these actually stored inside the game rather than on some paper manual, although you still couldn’t share them online or anything like that. What really changed was a gaming website that came live in 96. It had instant messaging technology built-in and it was meant that users would take advantage of it. Most importantly users were encouraged to share their game statistics with each over via these messages. Even more, there was a system of badges for completing certain tasks in the game. These badges could be then shared among users. That is another aspect of modern achievements that we’re used to seeing today – sharing them with others. With the release of XBOX360 in 2006, all of these iterations were put together into one robust system. One so perfect it was quickly adopted by other platforms and almost all if not all games out there. The first CoD games also had achievements, some of them had to be explained in a special Call of Duty achievement guide. Today, when we can expect achievements to be implemented for all game modes, including MP, the game’s trophies are what makes us proud of playing games. Now that you know what’s so special about all these little challenges you have in the game, it’s time to answer a question – why would you need to use our CoD achievement carry services?

Pick up Modern Warfare Achievement Boost for skill improvement in both MP and singleplayer

Collecting trophies in the campaign might be easy, but MP is another beast. Here you can only rely on your skill to defeat opponents and do so in a certain style. The reason for that is most MP related achievements will most likely make you play the game in different and odd ways. Say you’re very good with SMGs. Well, there could be an achievement that says – kill 100 enemies with sniper rifles. Switching to another weapon type will be least of your problems when there’ll most likely be a challenge of killing enemies with throwable weapons. That’s when a fun game experience can turn in torture, especially if you really decided to dedicate yourself to get all of those achievements. That’s where our CoD Modern Warfare carry service comes in. If you struggle with a particular challenge or maybe with all of them, we got your back. Our team will help you earn anything you need, all you have to do is go to our website –, click on the game, select the offer and leave the rest to us.

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