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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

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New CoD MW 2019 services for skill boosting

The best CoD setting is back! The new game is a soft reboot of the franchise, fans will meet familiar faces, namely Cpt. Price, but the story is brand new, the one that reflects today’s world conflicts. Most importantly, multiplayer is what fans want to come back the most. The last few installments were alright; they have been sold well. However, the gameplay was always wacky thanks to some over the top mechanics like jump jets, auto-healing, loony weapon skins and, of course, last but not least – aggressive loot boxes policy. While the latter is yet to be confirmed for the new game, the rest features have been abandoned. In fact, what players will see is the best version of multiplayer, the one that most people enjoyed in times of Modern Warfare 1 and 2. There already has been a beta access period when all players could try out the multiplayer and feel the pacing and the guns and everything else. The developers made the impression that the game would be more serious, even leaning towards realism in some cases. In reality, the pacing of matches turned out to be much faster than most anticipated. There is certainly a new learning curve in the game. That’s why we introduce a new section on our website dedicated to CoD MW boosting of your skill and carries. Because it’s one thing you can be sure about – is that there will be plenty of rewards to work towards.

CoD Modern Warfare fast leveling explained

As usual, every player will be unlocking most of the arsenal, by gaining new levels. Upon reaching the max lvl, they can reset the process and start from the beginning, turning to prestige levels. Prestige means that players will get access to more exclusive rewards. Hence, we offer you our CoD Modern Warfare 2019 leveling services to get you closer to those unique rewards. The final list of unlockable rewards remains unknown to the public, but there is no doubt that it will be massive. Plus, it’s always nice to show off your prestige progress to other players. CoD is a very skill-demanding FPS game, the one that requires very fast reaction time and the ability to make split-second decisions. This is most evident in the killstreaks mechanic. The more kills you make, the more powerful tools you will be able to use to turn the tide of the match. If you’re unfamiliar with this system, here are a few examples: the most simple killstreak rewards are UAV – you’re calling drone that flies over the map, displaying all enemies on the minimap for you and your teammates. There is also a countermeasure – a device that disrupts the UAV resulting in a complete malfunction of the minimap for the enemy team. For 4 kills in a row, you get a chance to call a rocket strike, when you get to aim the rocket as it flies down from the skies. Very deadly in the open areas. There are many other killstrikes – like the support of a helicopter that would be gliding over the map, defending a certain area, automatically killing anyone in sight. You’ll be able to call a heavy armor package with a minigun, that will make you a real bullet sponge. These are all unlocked by leveling, so by buying CoD MW fast level up, you essentially just expanding your toolbox for any given battle scenario.

Call of Duty MW gearing for any situation

In fact, with new multiplayer modes, you will want to have more options. And this can be done with CoD MW fast level up. On top of the very much standard list of game modes, CoD is starting to present a challenge to another military shooter – Battlefield. This is done by the introduction of a new game mode called Ground War. Much like in the BF games, 64 players get to fight for control of multiple strategic points on an open map that features multiple paths. Along with a bigger map, CoD players are going to experience pretty BF-like vehicles like helicopters, BMPs, and ATVs for faster access to capture points. A new mode will make CoD players think in a new way, hence the need for a more variety of killstreaks. In fact, the whole Call of Duty MW 2019 gearing has been changed quite significantly. Gamers will unlock more attachments to a certain gun if they use it long enough. Therefore, each gun has its own lvling curve, full of mods and skins. CoD MW 2019 weapon camo is one of those things that makes you stand out from the crowd. Therefore, if you really like that one gun, you’ll unlock more and more appearance variations for it. Unlocking Modern Warfare weapon camo is one of the ways to personalize yourself in the game. You can expect things like in-game profile banners, various pints, slogans and more. But only Modern Warfare weapon camo really benefits from the new graphics engine that made the game look like the most beautiful CoD game to date. Surprisingly it also runs well.

The best Call of Duty Modern Warfare Carry Services out there

There are other new game mods as well. If you like more tactical, close-quarters fights, check out the Realism Mode, where you don’t have the help of UI at your side and you only as good as fast you can spot and eliminate a target. The mode becomes even more intense in the night version of a map, where you can be spotted by flashing your laser. If you like to test your pure skill, welcome to Gunsmith mode. It’s a 2v2 mode where each round you start with a random loadout of guns and perks. Here, all you can count on is your ally and your own skill. Somewhere in these modes, you will be able to unlock the golden camo MW 2019. Do not worry, though, because Legionfarm has your back. If you don’t want to play with random players who you can’t rely on, pick up our Call of Duty Modern Warfare carry service and get carried by a team of professional players. That’s how you will win and learn how to play better. If you’re a long-term CoD fan like us, welcome to – home of the best carry services.

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