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Full Prestige Reset

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Prestiging will reset you back to level 1 and undo all your progress, allowing you to start over.

By doing so you are earning Prestige, which will be permanently displayed on your title. You will also earn unique emblems and calling cards, exclusive challenges and rewards, an additional custom class slot, and a permanent unlock token.

See all Multiplayer Rewards in our Multiplayer Leveling Offer.

You’ll get:

  1. Max 56 Prestige level
  2. All the Rewards for hitting max Level before entering Prestige 1 (see Multiplayer Reward List section)
  3. Prestige Rewards (depending on Prestige Level):
  • Icons
  • Permanent unlock Tokens
  • Calling cards
  • Plasma
  • Unique emblems
  • Exclusive challenges
  • Custom class slot
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How your order will be done:

  • Once you place your order, a manager will contact you to set the time of the service according to your personal schedule
  • Our booster will hit the max 56 level and unlock Prestige tier
  • Your order will take 2 days for each Prestige Reset purchased
  • We don’t use any programs or bots. All services are done by hands of professionals

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