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Hunting down those new Season of the Chosen exotics? Meet Presage – a puzzle-filled, Dead-Space-style quest for you to brave solo or with a group, and Legionfarm is here with a full-on walkthrough to help you start off on the right foot and beat all the encounters to get the terrific Dead Man’s Tale.

Your New Exotic Challenge In Destiny 2

Not so long ago, Destiny 2 blessed us with yet another challenge to farm for its new season’s exotic. This time it’s the Destiny 2 Dead Man's Tale scout rifle that drops with random rolls from a very thrilling Presage mission that can be mastered either solo or with a non-matchmade team.

In this article we’ll be breaking down the full quest completion, giving you a brief walkthrough of the main encounters and later on proceeding with some tips on Destiny 2 classes, subclasses, and weapons that will help you get the upper hand.

The premise for this mission is the unknown signal coming from a ship way out in the Reef. Zavala sends you to investigate and that’s where your path to one of the freshest Destiny 2 exotics begins.


A Full Walkthrough Of The Mission From The Recent Destiny 2 Update

Presage belongs to those Destiny 2 exotic quests filled up with jumping puzzles and mazes, but it’s actually pretty straightforward and the only real mechanic you’ll have to worry about is the Egregore Link buff, which is tied to Spores of Darkness you’ll find periodically throughout your journey. To get the buff, you’ll have to wait until the spores start to glow. Once they do, take a few shots at them, and they’ll pulse you with Egregore that will last for 15 seconds. When you’re all buffed up, you’ll be good to walk into the restricted areas and pave your way towards the encounters.

Once you load in, there’ll be a jumping puzzle that’s gonna lead you inside the ship. That’s when you’ll face the first spore and buff mechanic to break the fog gates and actually enter the restricted zone. After you’re warmly welcomed by Scorn enemies, you’re gonna have to interact with levers and destroy fuses to open up other sectors and find more spores and misty zones for you to get into.

First Encounter

You will meet the first encounter in the area that looks like a trash compactor. You’ll need to blow up fuses to stop the walls from closing in on you and fight off Screeb, all at once. Look for grates on the floor as some of them have fuses hidden inside and watch out for those Screebs as they roam in numbers and do tend to mess things up when left uncontrolled.

Explosive and AoE weapons will do a good job here (more on suggested loadouts later). The encounter itself is extremely fast-paced and short because you either make it out alive by blowing up all the fuses in time or you die and start over, but in terms of tactics and fighting, it’s all pretty simple here.

Second Encounter

Shortly after you fight your way through the garbage compactor, then you’ll find yourself in the hanger of the ship. Here’s where the second encounter takes place.

The main trouble here are the two Abominations surrounded by a ton of rather pesky adds. The first thing you need to do is position yourself at a place with a clear line of sight and good cover spots in close proximity. Our top picks would be either the entrance or the far back corner.

The most common strategy often found on Destiny 2 forums would be as follows: take care of the snipers, then deal with the Chieftains and try to clear the room as much as you can before taking on the Abominations.

Once the first boss is down, a huge wave of Screeb will spawn, so you’d better start damaging the second one only after you take care of most of those adds. The Abominations take a lot of damage, so your Super and a hard-hitting Heavy weapon will serve you well.

When both bosses are dead, handle the remaining foes and jump into the newly-opened passage. A bunch of mazes and spore-unlocked gates will eventually take you to the boss fight.

The Boss

The Locus of Communion here is your standard three-phase boss fight. After you chop off the first third of his health, he’s gonna go immune and teleport to the chambers beneath you, accessible by jumping down the shafts. The trick here is that the place where the boss teleports to will be overheating, causing you to take burn damage as long as you’re inside. In order to fix that, you’ll need to activate coolant terminals to actually fight the Locus in the lower rooms. The coolant is active only for a short period of time, so you’ll have to cool the chambers down when they are heated again.

The Locus boss is very aggressive, bearing a striking resemblance to the Hangman from Forsaken. He hits like a truck with his giant flame-erecting censer and spawns lots of adds when damaged. Our best tip is to slow him down, maintain your distance, and in no way let him corner you as it will most certainly be game over.

When the Locus is down, a new room will open up where you’ll see [spoiler]. Once you’re done there, head back to the Tower to receive your well-earned exotic. Completing your first run will also unlock the repeatable version of the quest, which will grant you pinnacle gear and a chance to loot the Dead Man's Tale Exotic Catalyst.


Destiny 2 LFG Or Solo? Build The Right Loadout To Fit Both!

And now, just as promised, we’ll give you a quick rundown on Destiny 2 best weapons to use in Presage.

Even though your Presage loadout depends entirely on what playstyle you prefer, there are a few options that will certainly make your run a lot smoother. The first thing you need to keep in mind is balance. The mission is full of both close- and long-range encounters, and your loadout needs to be well-balanced in order for you to succeed. For example, if you slot the Extraordinary Rendition SMG for your Kinetic, you’ll need to opt for a sniper or a scout as your Energy choice.

Destiny 2 weapons like Salvager's Salvo and Anarchy are our top picks for this mission. Launchers perform really great here when it comes to ad-clearing and they are absolutely indispensable in that first trash compactor encounter. Trinity Ghoul and Ticcu's Divination are also great if you’re in for bows, and the Messenger is an absolute ass-kicker to cover mid-to-long ranges, but only if you have the right perks on it. We actually have a full-on video covering the Messenger god roll, so you might take a look at it here if you have time.

If you’re an aggressive-style player, then the Lament and Falling Guillotine swords will deliver incredibly well on that damage, but if you pick these ones, you’ll have to be extremely cautious and agile when fighting the boss, as we wouldn’t recommend coming too close to him.

When it comes to Destiny 2 armor, whatever works best for you will suit the build just fine.


What Destiny 2 Classes To Pick For Presage?

When soloing the Presage mission, all classes are pretty much equal; some Destiny 2 subclasses, however, do have a certain advantage. For Warlocks we’d recommend running the Dawnblade subclass, specifically for its Well of Radiance, or the Voidwalker for its Devour. For Titans, the most reliable choice would be Sentinel and its Ward of Dawn, and Hunters will do great with the Nightstalker subclass.

We hope you guys find this little compilation of Destiny 2 tips useful for your future Presage runs. The mission itself is not mechanically heavy but can confuse you sometimes, especially if you run it solo, so for all those lone Guardians out there, we’d recommend turning to our Destiny 2 carry & coaching service. Here at Legionfarm, we can team you up with our best Destiny 2 experts and set up a nice Play with Pro session for you to brave through the Presage mission in no time. Take a peek at, and we’ll be glad to help you get your Dead Man’s Tale and other exotics fast and easily.

That said, thank you guys for stopping by and stay tuned on our blog here for more Destiny 2 content!

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