You wanna be on top? Best Apex streamers reveal their secrets


Who are the Top Streamers in Apex Legends?

Twenty years ago we couldn’t imagine even half of what our technological progress has accomplished now, and here we are, using the Internet from almost any part of the planet and playing computer games that are so deep and realistic that sometimes you cannot tell them from action movies. It’s not a secret that streaming platforms and online gaming go hand in hand nowadays and contribute a lot to our modern culture. Apex Legends stream community has grown in numbers for the past few years and doesn’t stop growing. Thanks to modern technologies and digital breakthroughs, we can entertain ourselves with our favorite games without even playing them – just find a streamer and start watching their videos.

Most people are rather skeptical about streams. They are convinced that this kind of entertainment is pointless. Why watch somebody else play when you can play yourself? At some point, it’s not entirely wrong, ‘cause experiencing the game firsthand is way more exciting than following even the most professional streamer. However, sometimes playing yourself is not an option. The reasons can be different: you cannot afford the game, you don’t have time to explore it on your own or your skills are not high enough to fully enjoy playing. Here’s where streamers come to the rescue.

Being a streamer is not a big deal, but being a good one is truly arduous work.

In this article, we will review Top Apex streamers, talk about their best performances, and even spill some of their secrets. So, who are the best of the best?


The true Legends of Apex

When it comes to streaming and playing Apex Legends, Shroud is undoubtedly a figure of a formidable size. Born in Canada, Michael Grzesiek, also known as Shroud, took up cybersport in 2014 as a CS:GO pro player but then, after winning several important competitions, moved on to streaming full-time on Twitch and Mixer. His shooting skills verge on the impossible, and some haters even accuse him of cheating, which is obviously not true. If you’ve never seen this fella play, you’d better go and check his YouTube channel or wait for the next stream, ‘cause watching it will certainly be worth your while.

Maybe you’ve seen how Dr DisRespect plays Apex Legends? This guy is really something else. A Californian internet celebrity and a former community manager for one well-known game dev company, Herschel "Guy" Beahm IV made a not-so-small fortune on streaming and is considered one of the most solid battle royale players in the community. Quite extravagant and sometimes too emotional, Guy Beahm is reported to sign a TV deal to create a show about his alter ego Dr DisRespect. We don’t know how that goes, but one thing we know for sure – you should definitely check this guy’s streams out. You may like him or you may not, but he surely knows how to play Apex.


Apex Legends Pro Players spill the beans on how to play better

Many of you have probably wondered how to play Apex Legends like a Pro. Nobody is born a gaming expert, right? For some of us, games are only good pastime. Such people are not chasing any high goals and are not dreaming about getting to the Apex top 500, for instance. Others play quite competitively, but in fact, all of us could use some advice from those who have mastered the game over the years of experience.If you’re looking for a way to improve, here are the main Apex Legends Pro tips from some of the most sought-after players and streamers:

  1. Pick a proper spot for landing. If you wanna rush into the fight right away, then aim for something like Skull Town and be ready for the hell to break loose. If you’re into loot-collecting first, you’d better land in a more quiet place like Swamps.
  2. Choose weapons carefully. A good gun is half of your success. Don’t be afraid to use meta guns – they’re called the best for a reason. Set your eyes on Peacekeeper, Wingman, R-99, or Mastiff.
  3. Try to team up with people you know. A well-knit team equals good results. Even if you are a great and skilled player, teaming up with strangers is a risky move. It’s better to have a bunch of friends to stick to rather than running around the map not knowing who you can rely on.
  4. Be careful with the positioning. Always keep an eye in the surroundings and try to get your teammates’ backs.
  5. Practice, practice, and practice. There’s a training mode in the game for a reason. Have a short 10 min warm-up before you jump into a real battle, and after a while, you’ll start noticing that your shooting skills are getting better.

It goes without saying that simply following those tips won’t instantly make you a pro. Only hard work and serious dedication will help you reach the top in Apex Legends. As an alternative, you might as well turn for help to your humble friends from Legionfarm, and we’ll return to this topic a bit later, but now let us introduce you to other Apex streamers.


How to become a streamer in Apex Legends?

Apart from the Stream legends that we’ve mentioned above, here is a list of the best streamers from apex.legionfarm:

  • pyromancers
  • ghostqaaa
  • Mythund3r
  • Evroxim
  • MrMugglestone
  • Preepwalker
  • M1zery_Dx
  • Skittz
  • Ghostbakukang
  • хТо
  • Anuloki
  • SimpleDudes
  • Stedzera

Some of these names are familiar, some you see for the first time, but they all have one thing in common – great gaming skills and deep love for Apex.

So, what does it take to become a streamer?

Apex Legends TRILL_SHIFT player, for example, is not a world-known legend. His real name is Alexey and he’s a student from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Despite his young age, he has already gained some decent eSports experience and now is working as a streamer and a gaming coach for Legionfarm helping other players get better in Apex.

There’s one more name from our personal list of streamers in Apex Legends – Anuloki. Another young pro player in his mid-twenties, Anuloki has been playing video games since he was sixteen years old. A big fan of Apex Legends and Overwatch, Anuloki has been entertaining us with his streams for a couple of years now, and he’s also providing coaching services for those who wanna improve their Apex skills.

Young and bold – Apex Legends M1zery_Dx streamer is only 24 but he’s been a gamer as long as he can remember. He calls himself a “lifelong video game fan”, having spent thousands of hours on MOBA and MMORPG games. Apex Legends is his recent passion, and you’re more than welcome to check out his streams on Twitch to learn a few tricks or just to enjoy nice gameplay.

As you can see, it doesn’t matter how old you are or what country you are from – if streaming games is really something you wanna do, there’s nothing that can stop you.


Become one step closer to your in-game dream with our Apex Legends coaching

Not everyone can be a top streamer, but as you know, practice makes perfect and in the end, there’s nothing you can’t achieve if you are determined to work hard and never stop no matter what. If becoming a decent Apex player has been your long-cherished dream, then don’t be shy to turn to our Pro coaching in Apex Legends. What exactly will it give you? Lots of fun, for starters. Imagine playing your favorite Apex with a guardian angel on your shoulder. Forget about getting stomped by the bands of more skilled players that kill you off before you can even get a taste of the match ‘cause this mess stops now. By taking gaming classes with our pro, you’ll learn to outperform even those who play better than you, not to mention prevailing over the vast majority of medium-level gamers. Unleash your true potential with and make your first step to becoming a noticeable member of the Apex community. Your gaming future is in your hands, pal. Start making a difference right now.

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