Why Do Apex Legends Skins Cost 20 Dollars?


What should the in-game content be priced? These discussions can go on forever. One half of the community believes that overpriced skins and expensive season passes should not be a thing these days, while the rest is pretty sure that hard work the devs put into creating content should be priced accordingly. So, who is right and who is wrong? Let’s take a look at the recent debates revolving around 20-dollar Apex skins and the reason why they are so pricey.

Table of Contents:

  1. Is 20 Bucks a Lot?
  2. Why 20 Bucks Is a Reasonable Price
  3. Learn All the Latest News and Best Apex Strategies Here

Is 20 Bucks a Lot?

Is a 20-dollar price tag too much for a cosmetic item? At first, it looks indeed overpriced, especially when you compare this price to other items available in the game. For example, unlocking a new character costs 750 coins, which is around 8 dollars, and unlocking a legendary skin costs 1800 coins, which is around 18-20 dollars. The difference is enormous.

Some players feel frustrated because of the recently-added skins that seem too expensive. Are they really worth the hassle? A skin isn’t such a big piece of content to begin with. And when you compare it to other content that can be purchased as well, pricing seems a bit imbalanced. At least, that’s what some fans believe in. However, even though it does seem unfair at some point, there’s definitely more to the story. Let’s take a look at another side of the coin.


Why 20 Bucks Is a Reasonable Price

The director of community and communications at RE, Ryan K. Rigney, responded to the criticism and shared a few reasons behind such a decision. As he said, it’s all about understanding the math. Nobody wants the famous battle royale to turn into a “pay-to-win” situation. If the community wants to keep playing the game and enjoying it, they will have to pay the right price for it.

So what does this mean? The team in charge of the development of Apex Legends can’t work around the clock to provide everyone with the best gameplay and new content. To create cosmetics, the developers have to spend a sufficient amount of time on just this one task. That’s a lot more than just some drawing and coding; people who create skins also have to draw at least a few concept arts, test them, analyze the community’s feedback, as well as handle a bunch of other issues. That’s why it is so important to support the creators and allow them to continue working on the game the best way they can.


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