Which weapon our PROs prefer in EFT and why?


Escape from Tarkov pros are sharing secrets!

Welcome to the most exclusive and most interesting article we've released in a while! Have you ever wondered what kind of gear pro players use to decimate their enemies with ease? Today we're going to take a peek under the curtain and tell you exactly what sort of loadouts our pros take with them on the raid with our clients. If you're interested in this sort of "play with a Pro" arrangement or, what we like to call it, EFT lfg, you can go to our website and order yourself such a service. The link will be at the end of the article. Anyway, let's review our first loadout of the day.

This champ doesn't fool around; he rocks AK-103 – one of the latest products of the Kalashnikov concern. The advantages of this particular version of AK can be exploited by gamers of all skill levels. Getting this AK to its max performance won't cost you as much as it will with the other AKs. That's its superpower of sorts. The mods needed are all unlocked on level 2 and 3 of reputation with Mechanic and Skier, which is relatively easy to earn. After the recent patch 12.8, which added even more mods, this gun has turned into a real treat! AKs, in general, are loved for their versatility. You can use them as a long-range DMR or as an AR in mid ranges. And don't doubt that AKs don't kick ass in CQB. So, whether you go to Escape from Tarkov customs map or any other map, bringing an AK is always the right choice, especially this 103 variant. The BP ammo it uses has become one of the best for AKs across the charts. They are relatively cheap, too, and you can even craft them yourself back in the hideout. Plus, you don't really feel bad losing it – its overall cost is about 100k rubles, which is nothing in comparison to other gun builds. Let's quickly go over some of those cool mods you're gonna see on such a gun:

  • Forend x47
  • Muzzle RRD 4c
  • Pk-0
  • Cobra sights
  • Stock lock for AKs 100th series
  • PT-1 stock
  • SAW pistol grip
  • Aluminum or banana-yellow mags

If you are more into NATO weapons, try the following M4A1 build. This gun doesn't need to be built to give the max performance. All you need is some sights, canted sights, and a suppressor. It is mostly used as an SR, even though it's not. Such is the modern times – all weapon types are flexible, and the modular designs allow operators to completely repurpose their personal firing platforms. If you choose the right positions, know how to move around, maneuver effectively, and spot enemies before they spot you, they won't even know where the shot came from. For more effectiveness, it is better to buy or craft the m995 rounds. Alternatively, you can use m855a1. But that's all for the endgame when most of the quest has been completed. To get the M4A1, you're going to need to trade it for four GP phones at Mechanic's. His version has almost all the components we're going to need. Slap a suppressor on it. Pick one of the KAC brands. You can go with the cheapest one, depending on its availability in the marketplace. Then slap the Pk-1, the flashlight, and laser combo x400. For the sights – pick the one you fancy. It usually depends on the location and purposes of your raid. Don't forget about the sidebar and Pk-06 and BRAVO/HAMR scope. Other options include Monstrum Compact Prism or ELCAN. Although, remember that if your PC doesn't run NASA servers, you're going to lose at least 15 FPS while looking through scopes that allow you to change zoom levels.


Pimp your gun, Tarkov style

Another pro gamer in our team says that his choice of firearm is SA-58 with minimized recoil. It is yet another barter gun from Mechanic for four Nixxor lenses, so it requires minimal modifications. Here is what you need to do with it:

  1. Replace the stock with SA-58 BRS;
  2. Place RK-2 front grip;
  3. Place IR laser device Holosun LS321;
  4. Slap Eotech HHS-1 sight on it to get that -1% in recoil;
  5. Use Direct Thread Lantac adapter + Lantac Dragon 7.62x51 + Lanctac "Blast mitigation device" for your muzzle system, which will result in -16% in recoil for the whole thing.

This is yet another versatility-based preset, as the pro player explains. In full-auto mode, it's suitable for close combat and long-distance combat in single-fire mode. We have gamers who have been playing EFT for more than 3 years nonstop. Would you like to know how they choose a weapon and mods? If your answer is yes, the following is for you. Let's begin by acknowledging the fact that there are hundreds of mods in Tarkov. To know them all, you'd need to spend a lot of time going through each, comparing the EFT stats, and so on. So here are the results of such analysis. Also, keep in mind that this list is highly personalized and might not represent the current "meta" or tell you what the Escape from Tarkov best weapons are. Also, if you're here for Escape from Tarkov news, we have a separate blog entry on the latest patch!

Here is a list of weapons used by one of our pro players in Tarkov:

  • AKM (7.62 BP) – manageable recoil, good ergonomics, effective at any distance.
  • AK, RPK (5.45x39 7N39 "Igolnik") – manageable recoil, excellent ergonomics, effective at any distance.
  • HK416 (5.56 995, 855а1) – barely noticeable recoil, good ergonomics, effective at any distance.
  • MDR (7.62x51 М61, М62) – gives one hell of a kick, lethality of rounds, effective at any distance.
  • AS-Val ((9x39 BP, 7N9 SPP) – barely noticeable recoil, a CQB king.
  • SA-58 (7.62x51 М61, М62) – manageable recoil, highly lethal rounds, effective at any distance.
  • MP9/MPX/MP5 (9x19 7Н31, 6.3AP) – barely noticeable recoil, effective at medium ranges.

An educated look at Escape from Tarkov weapons

Now let's do a bit of EFT coaching and talk about the logic behind the lists above. Each firearm has several kinds of bullets it can shoot. The best kind is considered the one with higher penetration and damage values. However, you can pick a cartridge that has higher DMG but a lower coefficient of penetration, so you can kill a target by aiming at the parts of the body that aren't protected by armor. You may also choose other guns, following personal taste. Sniper rifles and single-fire mod weapons are all great at long ranges. Just remember one thing – in Tarkov meta – Full-Auto > Single-Fire.

Weapons with low recoil should always be equipped with silencers, making it harder to detect the direction of fire. DVL-10 is the quietest gun in the game. At 50 meters, it’s impossible to guess where the shot you heard came from. It's always scary to hear it somewhere on that Customs map Tarkov featured first.

Mods can be separated into two big categories: 1) the ones that increase ergonomics (this parameter represents the sum of things like the ADS speed, the noise the weapon makes when carried around, and so on) and 2) the ones that reduce recoil (determines the weapon horizontal and vertical sway when the gun is fired). Lower recoil means the barrel of the gun will be "jumping" in your hands less. You can find mods that fit both of these categories, but they are far more expensive. Some of them are only available from lvl 40 and with the maxed-out reputation with traders. Some of them can only be found in the raid as a reward.

The player that shared these thoughts with you also always installs a flashlight on his guns. As he explains, you can use flashlights to blind your enemies, so they're going to have a hard time headshotting you. For the best play, you should focus on reducing the recoil on your gun of choice. This is the only parameter that's going to determine how quickly you'll kill an enemy. Because of recoil, some of your shots will go into the air and not land in your enemy's forehead. Of course, Tarkov weapons in their base form are not recommended to use whatsoever. If you want numbers, you should try to get your vertical recoil to 50 and less, horizontal recoil at 150, and ergonomics at least 65. A weapon with such stats will be easy to use, especially on a low-level PMC. A silencer is used in 70% of raids.


Each EFT patch brings something to the table

Let's finish up with the presets that feature more unorthodox firearms. Our next guest took a liking to the new TOZ KS-23M and especially its unique slug cartridge 23x75mm "Star." Essentially it's flashbang rounds; they are extremely useful when clearing a building. This shotgun is used as a secondary weapon. When you shoot it, it will blind your enemies, which gives you a huge advantage over an incapacitated target. Bringing the laser sight with AN/PEQ-15 that comes with IR searchlight increases the accuracy of your shots; it is highly effective while using Auto-fire mode. For budget raids, you can use a Vepr Hunter with 7.62x51 caliber rounds. Despite the strong recoil, it deals a lot of DMG. You can also use handguns like FN Five-Seven MK2 and bring them to the EFT customs map or any other map in the game.

This concludes our little sneak peek of what Legionfarm pro players bring with them on raids. While there are aspects like Escape from Tarkov skills that are linear in their progression and you level up them as you go, EFT weapons allow you to do whatever you want with them. The possibilities of customization are rich, if not limitless. If after reading this article, you wish to play with pro gamers and ask them any questions you might have, there's the EFT play with Pro service, which you can purchase right now from legionfarm.com. It's a multi-purpose service that can be used either for coaching or just as teammates for hire. If you liked this article and want to hear more about our pro players, be sure to let us know. Until next time!

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