What’s New on Call of Duty Cold War: Bugs, Map Leaks, and Season One Delay


Reacting to the fans’ feedback on the lack of maps, the devs promised to deliver some new ones but have been playing cards very close to the chest, leaving us with mere guesses and occasional leaks. To fill you in on all the news, here’s everything we know about new CoD maps and current bugs so far.

Black Ops Cold War Is Almost Ready To Deliver Its New Season

The Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War seasonal refresh is on its way, ready to bless us with a wide range of additions and provide a solid grind for guns to add to our meta loadouts. The big date is set for later this month and constant bugs keep terrorizing players, causing some disappointment in the Cold War community, but a hefty share of recent leaks made up for it just fine. To mark the occasion, we’ve done some research and put it all in this piece for you to explore what’s going on in CoD Black Ops Cold War and what’s yet to come.


Call of Duty Bugs That Can Make or Break Your Gaming Session

The Black Ops Cold War release date for S1 was shifted to December 16 (six days later than the initial date), and the devs now have more time to add some final touches to their masterpiece. Hopefully, this new Call of Duty seasonal update will meet the community's needs and provide us with a smooth and engaging experience, free of any lags and bugs we’ve seen lately.

Speaking of bugs: some of those have messed with players big time, sparking a rage-wave over the fanbase. However, not all glitches turned out to be annoying. There even is a pretty fun bug that inspired a series of memes and hilarious clips recorded by players. Have you seen any? If no, you might wanna take a look, while we’re breaking down a list of Call of Duty Cold War glitches that can either leave you enraged or make you laugh out loud.

The reload bug

It looks like the well-known Jedi Force is helping CoD players reload their weapons! When your left arm is throwing a grenade and you decide to reload your gun at the same time, the clip will be hanging in the air as if controlled by some telekinetic ability. Although the grenade will not be actually thrown (this glitch somehow cancels the action), you’ll see yourself using the Force, which will definitely spice up your regular CoD match.

Bullet hit detection bug

A lot of players reported a nasty glitch with their bullets completely missing the targets. Multiple clips show people shooting bodies and objects almost point-blank, with none of their bullets actually hitting the target. Other clips showcase different scenarios where players normally would have landed a clear shot but the target runs free instead as if those bullets are nothing, which inevitably leads to the shooter’s death.

The Nuketown bug

This one actually requires a lot of practice to be effectively used. Discovered by YouTuber Grrae’s Guides, it allows players to go outside of the main map’s area and step into the restricted zone, beating the death countdown. When used in multiplayer, this glitch can give you a huge advantage as you’ll be hiding near the spawn location ready to kill off your opponents as soon as they get back into the match.

The Fireteam kill bug

This one is kind of controversial: nobody’s sure whether it really is a bug or rather an intended mechanic. The point is that some players get killed while still flying to their drop point on Fireteam maps without even getting a chance to land. The reason behind it might not be bug-related, though: when you drop and accidentally (or intentionally) hit another player, both of you will die on impact due to your high velocities. With the map sizes that big, such misfortune is very unlikely, but more and more players are reporting the same thing. The devs, however, are yet to comment.

It’s safe to say that some bugs are more of game-changers that can both benefit or break your match, while some just give you a moment to slow down and laugh. Anyways, if you’ve come across any bugs, crashes, or glitches, don’t hesitate to report them to Treyarch.


New Call of Duty Cold War Maps Got Leaked

Last week a bunch of Cold War Black Ops maps got leaked. While no official confirmation came through, we’re simply left to keep guessing. Anyway, here they are, the alleged Season 1 arrivals:

  1. A TV station map
  2. A subway map
  3. A missile silo map (rumored to be the Launch map)
  4. A KGB Headquarters map
  5. The fan-favorite Raid map
  6. The Nuketown map variant

The last two maps on the list you can see posted on the Call of Duty Leaks Twitter account. The Raid map looks slightly changed to fit the Black Ops Cold War setting, and the Nuketown delivers on some holiday vibes as we see it covered in snow and decorated with Christmas lights and a wreath. There hasn’t been any official announcement on whether or not we’re having a holiday event, but a snowy, Christmas-themed map is still better than nothing.

Ever since the Black Ops Cold War alpha testing, the game was heavily criticized for its lack of maps, and the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer reveal added even more rightful frustration. Hopefully, the soon-to-come massive content drop will tip the balance and finally give multiplayer fans what they’ve been craving for. What’s more, the upcoming Warzone integration teases a new BR map, and you can find all the details about it right in the next passage.


CoD Black Ops Cold War Teases A Warzone Map

The rumors around new Warzone locations have been circling around the community since the Warzone and Cold War CoD roadmap was released. Presenting it as “the biggest Black Ops year,” the devs teased some Warzone-related classified experience, among other things. Sharp-eyed fans noticed the title “Rebirth Island” that refers to none other than Alcatraz Island that dates back to the original BO.

The leaks point to that and honestly it all looks pretty legit, although the devs did not confirm or deny anything yet. The most possible scenario is that we do get to play on Alcatraz Island, but it’ll not be a full-fledged BR map and rather something of a smaller scale, like a mission or a set of missions. Anyways, only time will tell, so let’s cross our fingers and wait for December 16.


A Call of Duty Service a Day Keeps All In-Game Troubles Away

Season 1 promo materials tease not only new maps but also CoD Cold War guns, Black Ops Cold War zombies modes, and a truckload of other activities and lootable items. That’s pretty massive, and many players might get lost in such an abundance of content to explore. If you feel that you’re not sufficiently prepped to take on new Black Ops Cold War challenges, feel free to turn to Legionfarm.

Our coaching and play with pro services will help you get a feel for the Cold War game and enjoy its goodies, both current and upcoming. With our Pro by your side, you’ll easily unlock the best Black Ops Cold War weapons and gear, and if you're searching for a reliable team to venture into some of its co-op activities, you can use our Call of Duty lfg.

We at Legionfarm are thrilled about the upcoming Season One release. Are you? What are your thoughts on those leaked maps? Do you think we’ll get the Raid map back with a couple of tweaks? And what’s your take on those bugs? Have you experienced any? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below and don’t forget to visit legionfarm.com.

Thanks for reading, guys, and see you in the next one!

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